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Preity Zinta gets a rude shock!

Preity Zinta gets a rude shock as someone has been masquerading under her name on a famous networking site!

Preity Zinta finally decided to join this really happening networking site to which all her celeb friends are hooked on to. But to her shock she found that there already is a fake Preity Zinta with a fan following of fourteen lakhs!

Adds our source, "Preity Zinta was shocked to find out that someone has been faking it out as her. She immediately asked her dear friend Karan Johar (who is very active on the site) to help out. He immediately put word out on the virtual world to open their eyes to the real Preity Zinta. And thanks to his reach, people are slowly realizing that the former profile was a fake one and turning to the real one."

Preity is taking some serious damage control measures. Adds our source, "Preity has now decided to get her profile made official through the concerned website so that such a thing doesn't happen again!"

If it's any consolation Preity has only one fake profile to worry about!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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