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Pratik Sehajpal talks about World Television Day, and his experience on the medium

Pratik Sehajpal talks about how powerful television is as a medium, and shares his experience.

Published: Tuesday,Nov 21, 2023 05:46 AM GMT-07:00
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Pratik Sehajpal

Pratik Sehajpal is one of television’s most popular faces, having done popular shows like Bigg Boss 15 and Khatron Ke Khiladi 12. He also debuted in the fiction space with the highly successful Naagin 6. Ahead of World Television Day on November 21st, the actor talks about how powerful television is as a medium, and shares his experience on television.

Sharing how his television shows have changed his life, Pratik says, “Embarking on the television journey has been transformative for me. Shows like Ace of Space, MTV Love School, and Bigg Boss have exposed me to a massive audience. In television, recognition is more tangible compared to other industries. The connection with the audience is powerful; their support can propel you to achieve anything, making the television experience truly unique.”

Talking about the moment he first saw himself on the television screen, he shares, “My first experience was with Roadies, and though I wasn't selected, watching it on Voot was a revelatory moment. Seeing myself on screen, I became somewhat self-obsessed, enjoying the replay and constantly analysing to find ways to improve. There's a unique joy in watching oneself on television.”

About whether OTT is becoming more dominant these days, Pratik says, it’s just a matter of convenience for most people, especially those in cities. “These days, people predominantly watch content on their phones, even TV serials, contributing to a decline in cable subscriptions in urban areas. The shift is driven by the convenience of accessing everything on mobile devices. Urban dwellers prioritize flexibility and on-the-go accessibility, while in rural areas, television remains a popular choice. Today's viewing habits reflect a mobile-centric lifestyle tailored to individual convenience.”

He adds that television’s reach has been demonstrated many times with a show like Bigg Boss, and film promotions, “Undoubtedly, television commands immense popularity, as evident in shows like Bigg Boss where participants experience a significant surge in fame. Each season, Bigg Boss establishes new benchmarks for popularity, drawing a vast audience. Notably, even prominent celebrities leverage television to promote their movies and upcoming projects, underscoring the expansive reach and influence of this formidable platform,” he ends.

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