Prachi Desai on Third Degree Season 2...

Hold on to your breath as Ugesh Sarcar’s Third Degree Season 2 Returns with some more Astoundingly Unimaginable Jaw droppers...

Published: Tuesday,Sep 08, 2009 18:59 PM GMT-06:00
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UTV Bindass brings back the man who defied all the possible laws of nature ,who delved into a completely different realm through his astonishing acts, pushed the limits of imagination, and proved to the world that there is much more to what we call reality.

Ugesh Sarcar India's very own first street magician is back on UTV Bindass with his 3rd Degree Season 2 in which he will take viewers to the next level of suspense and show them things that the world has never seen before. Starting 13th September 2009, this mind boggling show will air every Sunday, 7 PM onwards.
Catch Ugesh Sarcar casting his spell on our very bubbly happy-go-lucky Prachi Desai. Witness Ugesh taking Prachi to a world where she has never been before.

Will the Rock On chic be strong enough to face the darkness??!? Or will she chicken out??!? Watch 3rd Degree to know what exactly happens to Prachi Desai!!!!

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Prachi Desai

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hjp180785 8 years ago Ash was best before Katrina came in bollywood but Katrina has always managed to overshadow Ash easily !!
And that is because of Katrina's beauty, though Aishwarya was miss world she cannot match Katrina's beauty !
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Iamprince 13 years ago UGESH SARCAR 3rd DEGREE today at 7 pm on UTV BINDASS, EVERY ONE WATCH
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pooja_l 13 years ago looking forward to this very much....gr8 news2009-09-08 22:52:13
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JaeMinTee 13 years ago OMG Prachi!!! Cant wait 2 c her... I just love prachi...:D
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Ms.SK 13 years ago Sorry to all Prachi fans but I have to say it - Her over exciment and screeching voice pitch gets on my nerves. Hope by acting in films she has learned to control her exciment.
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anku- 13 years ago Its more of shit that he does than magic. And we ALL know what things are done and how his "magic" is done. Today everyone knows how these tricks are done with connections to ***... and many of them being just tricks. Hes such a WANNABE trying to be like Criss Angel. Wish he was MUCCHHHH MOREEE humble so that we cud like him. But all he is is an ego headed freaking sh** person.
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sam88 14 years ago i m v v happy 4 kat.she is doing v well keep it up
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wezyus 14 years ago Who care what's abhisek r sayings, alls that i know is now its katrina the beautiful lady ...congratz kat, u r lucky ...thnks
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Britneyy 14 years ago dey r both beautiful ladies n my fav actress

time doesn't stay de same as always so dere will be changes in industry

but media makes it a big deal

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KMH_Arjuhi 14 years ago people i think katina is way better than aish i really hate aish shes a show offer of her face i think katrina is better and pretty and does not show off like aish. I HATE U AISH..SHOW OFFER
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