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Published: Saturday,Jun 16, 2007 15:14 PM GMT-06:00
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We are back with the Pick of the week for this week!! Lets see which show is under fire this time round,we call it IF "Tadka Special", thanks to the Development Team of IF for their inputs!


Scene of the week:

When Sushant and Vasudha were lost in each other's thoughts and are talking to themselves, one can see and visualise the chemistry even when they both are not together,great ensemble of actors ,truly the USP of this show!

Style Icon of the Week :

All the actors dress according to their characters, no over-the-top makeup and costumes, be it Sushant in his jeans,Vasudha in her simple yet elegant salwar-kurtas,Vedika's modern and chick clothes or DRS's sherwanis, PERFECT!

Blooper of the Week:

Fingers prints of Sushant, Virendra ,Rudraksh and Vedika should have been found on the bed and on the door of DRS room but Police says that only Vedika's finger prints are found on the bed.No wonder we are loosing faith in Police and their working. Grow up!

Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki

Scene of the Week:

Trishna, thinking that she has succeeded in killing Shruti and making Janki confess to being Parvati, goads her by saying that once again Parvati will take the blame for a crime she didn't commit. But unbeknownst to her, her entire confession has been recorded on tape and shown to the whole Agarwal family and the police. As the police escort Trishna out, she discovers that Shruti is still alive and this entire event was a trap planned by Shruti and Parvati. This scene was so wonderful because finally we saw Shruti on Parvati's side.

Blooper of the Week:

Shruti comments that she found out about Parvati's innocence from Pranay, but no one knows what exactly he said to convince her. Considering that Pranay did not even know that Janki was Parvati,you have to wonder how exactly he convinced his mother that Parvati was innocent, think think....

Style Icon of the Week:

Janki looked regal in her green sari at Maithili and Pranay's wedding.

Kumkum-ek Pyara sa Bandhan

Scene of the Week:

Sumit lying to Kumkum..fumbling and making excuses for his absence. Kumkum trying to make him speak the truth but Sumit is adamant not to reveal anything as he knows he is hiding the truth only to save Kumkum's life.

Style Icon of the Week:

Sumit creates a style statement with anything he wears. 40+, yet very sexy,very stylish and smashing .

Blooper of the Week:

Nivi's fingerprints all over the murder scene but no investigations into it, wonder why?? Maybe another case of amnesia!

Author: Nishtha Singh
Contact Author: PM Nishtha

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monika @monikaseth 16 years ago too good dear great work i love bloopers
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*Jaya* @*Jaya* 16 years ago Go Viruddh - the most restrained drama of recent time :)
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Iqra @Mrs.SalmanKhan 16 years ago thnks!

so true! Hussain is shown ovr 40, & still damn sexcii<3
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
JK Dhillon @Angelic_J 16 years ago Wow this exactly what I was thinking specially about KGGK :P like c'mon how the hell did Pranay know about Janki being Parvati????? Tele is so confusing :S
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
Simran @Sim_02 16 years ago Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
One Thing To Wonder About Pranay Is What Did He Say To Shuruti About Parvati Being Innocent. And How Did He Know That She Is Parvati Instead Of Janki Devi?
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
Ankita @anku2cute 16 years ago lovely..finally kk aa hi gaya idhar..loved everythng :)
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rimjhim @reemx 16 years ago how did pranay know janki is parvati and nobody even knows wht he said to shruti, indeed a mystery
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srijani @buchuni 16 years ago thnx..wow!kumkum is dere..sumit really looks dashing
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Tara_K @Tara_K 16 years ago great article thanx a lot
The bloopers were fun
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illuminated. @illuminated. 16 years ago amazing for KK and KGGK!Great work Nish and the Dev Team
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