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Pick of the Week : 5th - 11th May 08

From the happenings in the serials, we pick Top 3 of the popular serials..as we will keep a close eye on their each and every step,every week! now with ADDED ATTRACTION..Dialogue of the Week.

Published: Tuesday,May 13, 2008 22:00 PM GMT-06:00
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We are back with the All-Famous Pick of the week!! So get ready for the "Special Tadka"!! With our new Addition "Blooper of the Week Award" which will be given to the most Shocking Blooper shown in a serial! Also look for the new addition, "Dialogue of the Week".

Dharam Veer:

Scene of the week:
Dharam and Veer with their growing responsibilities also develop indifferences due to their differing principles. Nivritti plays the peace maker and clears off the displeasure existing between them. The talk just before they leave for the gurukul does a great deal in bringing together the inseparable brothers once again.

Dialogue of the week:
Veer tells when Agni thanks them for saving him "shukriya kehne ki koi zaroorat nahin hai... agar tumhaari jaan nahin bachaate tho hamaare kaise bachthi?"

Style icon of the week:
Clothes from our medieval period too can create quite a appealing fashion statement. This is proven by the carroty outfit Veer carries off with his charming personality.

Blooper of the week:
The three princes set off to gurukul together, but it is only Dharam and Veer who make it finally to the princes school in a royal manner whereas Agni only gets to peep his way into the palace!!

Choona Hain Aasmaan:

Scene of the week:

The scene between Abhimanyu and Sameera outside the base gates before she leaves for mission Zodiac. They share a beautiful scene where Abhimanyu promises to complete their engagement mission as soon as mission zodiac gets over. After that they both hug.

Dialogue of the week:
When Abhimanyu(after seeing the morphed pictures) tells Sameera that if he doesn’t tell her now, he won’t be able to tell her ever and asks her whether she will marry him. That was a very beautiful dialogue and it conveyed the trust and bond Abhi-Sam relationship has.

Style icon of the week:
It was a tie between Jahaan Sheikh/Samrat Singh Shekhawat and Abhimanyu Adhikari. No matter what they wear..whether it is the black suit and white shirt in the party or the hawks uniform, they look stunning.

Blooper of the week:
When Abhimanyu and Sameera were asking Nisha about the ring and from where her mother got it. She said she doesn’t know and then they look towards Nishita who tells she only joined few months back. In an episode before this Nishita tells Rashi(Nisha) about Pragya Devi getting angry and Rashi asks if she should come to which Nishita tells that I have taken care of her for so many years ..and she need not worry! Wow did the dialogue writers forget this detail!!

Karam Apna Apna:

Scene of the week:

Samar is about to kill Gauri when Anupam stops him and tells him everything that someone else is Nikila's murderer & Sam comes to know the truth & feels very guilty & all the flashbacks are shown in which Samar tortured Gauri..

Dialogue of the week:
When Ayush brings a lawyer with him for Samar's case & the lawyer says that Samar can get bail if Gauri takes the case back or we prove Gauri is Nikila's murderer & Samar grabs the lawyer’s collar , saying I told you to fight this case with imaandari and not to put some behgunnah in trouble waisay bhi Gauri ko maine bohut takleef di hai ab aur nahi..

Style icon of the week:
Anupam looked dashing with his killing looks this week...He carried off the simple wardrobe really very well.

Blooper of the week:
The lawyer who came today to help Samar. He was the same police who had come to inform about Shiv's accident to the family. He along with the doctor was bought by the Evils that time. . We can see the lawyer as police man. What happened? So fast, he even changed profession? Police se Lawyer ? Or may be they are also TWINS who got separated in kumb ka mela? - Ek Bhai Police doosra Vakeel.

:*:*Blooper of the Week Award :*:

This week's Blooper of the week award goes to the show Annu Ki Ho Gayee Waah Bhai Wah.
Annu is Head Chef of Victoria but all the sardars present at Ashu's birthday party who where waiters were dressed same as the Annu. Now since when the Head Chef & waiters start dressing the same? Looks like the writers forgot this important detail. We don't blame them as from past few weeks so many confusions are being shown in the serial; looks like the writers themselves are one confused lot.

Spotted by:*Shruti*

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Please note: There are lot of shows and we have to give fair chance to all the shows, hence every week shows are selected based on selective criteria ..

Concept: Nishtha
Contributed by:*Jr.Nancy_drew*,*~sneha~*,junooni09.
Banner credit:*Kruthi*

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Tandrima @Veritaserum 15 years ago Rajat's gotta be the style icon!!!!!!The charm ,aura, n elegance with which he carries himself while being a prince surely looks stately!!!!!!!!!!

Today after seeing him we new gen people also have started liking sword fights n kingly princely ways of talking n behaviour!!!!!!!!

Salutes to u Rajat!!!!!!!!!!
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Megha @universe_megha 15 years ago Rajat truly is a style icon!! Only he could carry Princely clothes with such style and glamour!! I was so happy to have seen him nominated for Glamour Star of The Year Award in Indian Television Academy Awards 2007. He is the one who has brought swords, Princely times..and historical eras in fashion!!! Hats off to him!! Our Hero..our star Rajat Tokas, the Terrific Tokas!!!!
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Rashmi @aandhanika 15 years ago I liked Dharam veer this week too..... The episodes of this week was so good.... just love it
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STUD_99 @STUD_99 15 years ago Loved KAA and true with the style icon Hiten was looking smashing....
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Debika Bhowmick @shreyabhra 15 years ago cha is rocking bt hope it continues to rock even after iqbal is replaced.
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aishwarya @aish_punk 15 years ago Nyc.. i alwyz lykk ure Pick of d week..bt i wud advice u 2 put in serials wich hv more trp's instead of serials lykk Karam Apna Apna..dis is jus ma suggestion

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gawker @gawker 15 years ago wow, kaa is doing well after so long. its great how they've managed to revive this show.
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*4rom heaven*
Zainab @*4rom heaven* 15 years ago yayyy! CHA's in dere!
dats gr8 thanx:)
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sneha @pals_sneha 15 years ago itzzz gr8 to see that kaa izz chosen as potw kaa rocksss!!!!!
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sonia @Mrs.soniayk6 15 years ago wow happy to see kaa in pic of the week after so many days.our kaa is really rocking these days
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