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DV to be telecast again on Jetix

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Dharamveer in 21st century updated

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MY FF * And then They Met* updates - GOOD NEWS!!!!

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!! A New Blessing, A New Hope, A New Beginning !!

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Rajat tokas is the real prince of tellywood

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Rajat Tokas

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SBS Update - Written/Video/Pics*Youtube Link Added

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Share your Favourite Siggies of DV!

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Time to Bid Goodbye to DV Forum

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One request to all the FF writers of DV forum

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Arvind Ravsariya
Arvind Ravsariya

as: Maharaj Aryavardhan

The king of Aryanagar.He was chosen by the Aryasabha in an election instead of his elder brother Jaivardhan. A strict man; Cannot stand violators even if it is his own son.Blindly believes in the ...

Sanjeev Wilson
Sanjeev Wilson

as: Jaivardhan

Aryavardhan's older brother.He is the antagonist of the serial.The reason for his anger is selection of Aryavardhan as the king by Aryasabha over him.He is always planning something so as to put ...

Harsh Rajput
Harsh Rajput

as: Agni

Jaivardhan's son.Like his father he too has great passion for the throne.He always gets in the way of Dharam and Veer creating problems for them.However he does not come out successfully in his ...

Mehul Vyas
Mehul Vyas

as: Tasha

Son of the opponent group's leader.He is always in fight with Shera trying to prove that he is better than her.Till date he has not succeeded in his attempts.He plans to finish off Shera.


as: Sia

She is the princess of Avadhi.She has got a sharp tounge and throws frequent tantrums. She wants everything to go her way.Her few encounters with Dharam leaves her angry but she falls for him ...

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