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Pick of the Week: 19th - 25th May 08

From the happenings in the serials, we pick Top 3 of the popular serials..as we will keep a close eye on their each and every step,every week! now with ADDED ATTRACTION..Dialogue of the Week.

Published: Sunday,Jun 01, 2008 22:05 PM GMT-06:00
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We are back with the All-Famous Pick of the week!! So get ready for the "Special Tadka"!! With our new Addition "Blooper of the Week Award" which will be given to the most Shocking Blooper shown in a serial! Also look for the new addition, "Dialogue of the Week".

Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai:

Scene of the Week: Undoubtedly the lovely scene was at the “Punjabi Dhaba” where Sadhna and Alekh feed each other, as Shankar Sahney sings a song dedicating them in the background! The scene was indeed a treat to watch by all the fans of this Onscreen Couple. Finally the Love Story of Sadhna and Alekh has begun.

Style Icon of the Week: Alekh for sure - with his shaggy hair and button-up shirts, he carries himself very well, his childish accent and behavior are a treat to watch as well, and makes him look all so cuddly!

Dialogue of the Week: During the truck ride, Sadhna asks Aalekh why he wanted to give Sari to her, Aalekh thinks and finally acknowledges Sadhna as his 'patni' and tells her "tum meri patni ho na, isiliye"

Blooper of the Week: After Sadhna and Alekh boarded the truck, it was shown from outside that the ladder they used to get on was being taken away and the truck locked. So when they arrived, how were Sadhna and Alekh able to get off? They never showed the truck being unlocked! Hmm... how is this possible?

Kasamh Se:

Scene of the Week: When Meera sings "wo asha hai woh, abhilisha", Pronita, gets the colorful flashback of all the black and white flashback she was having. Then she remembers that she is Bani Walia, and break downs while telling her Baba. The scene was shot very ecstatically, the way Bani's old look comes and Pronita realizes the face which she tried to sketch was none other than herself.

Dialogue of the Week: Where Pronita tells Ganga when she is caught right handed, in an attempt to make her understand she is doing wrong says "You are not only hurting others but hurting your self." However this dialogue doesn’t leave an impact on Ganga but she surely gets furious on Pronita.

Style Icon of the Week: Pronita wearing her Anarkali's which is elegant for a party wear and daily basis. Pronita stood out in the Walia party, wearing her beautiful red Anarkali, and hoop earrings. She carried it off well and looked beautiful.

Blooper of the Week: Ever since the generation leap has happened, Vicky Walia addresses Krishna as Di, but during the Grand Party on occasion of Bani's Birthday, Jai Walia announces Krishna as youngest child of Walia family. Now how’s this possible as if she is the youngest child ,then how come Vicky addresses her as di ,it should have been the other way round! Seems like the Creatives are themselves confused!


Scene of the Week: When Amrit hands over the Power of Attorney papers to Rishi , and he hesitates and is embarrassed to take it, as he is the son in law of the family! The expression of Trust in Amrit’s eyes, the expression of Gratitude in Rishi’s eyes and not to forget the expression of Evil happiness in Veera’s eye..made this scene a worth watch for sheer performance of the actors involved!

Dialogue of the Week: Rishi and Simar were discussing about Rano’s marriage and whether she is happy with it? Rishi says that we should respect the decision taken by elders and should accept it gracefully, on which Simar replies how are you sure that the decision is the right one? Rishi further adds but how are you convinced that whatever you are thinking is right too? Simar smiles and politely says..yeah bhi sahi hai!! A very cute and simple dialogue which stands out!

Style Icon of the Week: This show is very Less on style quotient where the dresses sometime make you think are they really living in this era! Sarees ,jewellery and especially Men clothing is just not up to the mark !Actor’s personality and their Grace making an average dresses wearable , so kudos to Rishi ,Veera and Amrit for carrying them and manage to look good even in limited resources!

Blooper of the Week: The whole Rano marriage part was full of Bloopers!! Veera and Chacha jee come to Khurana’s house to be of part of Rano’s shagun, but later when they returned home there was no trace of Chacha jee ! Audiences are still searching for Chacha jee and his disappearing act ! Later In Rano’s marriage Pandit jee asks to bring Bride as “Shubh Muhurat” is passing, but as Rano eloped by that time, Rishi along with Simar and Sohni go to search her, meanwhile the whole Baraat along with guests and pandit jee wait for bride over more than half an hour or more, now how is this possible where a baraat waits for so long and finds nothing suspicious! They even Bring back Rano home from front door and nobody saw them coming in or going out! Its Magic..Its Magic!!

:*:*Blooper of the Week Award :*:

This week's Blooper of the week award goes to the show Doli Saja Ke

The shy simple girl next door Anupama who has been loved by the audience for her simplicity. Now in an attempt to bring her Casanova Husband Daksh on the right track, she has changed her attire, become a glamour queen, accompanies him to discos, well we wonder from where she got so many modern clothes from! As Daksh never gifted her!! When did Anupama buy them? Agreed she did all this to make her husband jealous but its difficult to digest the girl who never wore short dresses suddenly not only wears them but carries them pretty well! And mixes merrily with other guys, with no hesitation on her face... Definitely Amusing! Makes audiences think, does she suffer from "Spilt Personality" ? or the creatives forgot this very detail!

Spotted by:*Shruti*, Shagun,*VaVaVoom14*

Stay tuned for the Pick of the Week, every week only on Tellybuzz-buzzing already, our weekly from the world of Television shows.Special thanks to the Dev Team of IF for their input

Concept: Nishtha
Author: Nishtha,Shagun
Contributed by:*Kruthi*,*Piku*
Banner credit:*Kruthi*

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mechantefille @mechantefille 15 years ago is there gonna be any other pick o the weeks. kab se yehi week ka dikh rahah hain!!
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Jessi @mz.jess 15 years ago dsk isnt really a blooper!

all the other ones were great! :)
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Tooba fiaz @tumhari? 15 years ago DSK blopper is not really something big a women can carry any clothes andbuying cloths is also not ahard job for any body
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shella @rani2008 15 years ago SDK didnt destve it actully well if a wowman is planning to get her husband back,, i dont thinkit takes her that long to go shop for a dress to go to disco,, it wont take that longg
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loveprincess @loveprincess 15 years ago Cool_Dipti plz keep ur views to ur self...they are offensive..thr r ppl who watch the show(DSK) n like it..if u don't like it thn do not watch it nobody is forcing uuu...bottom line keep ur views to ur self we don't need them unless they r positive

Bidaai,BMTD,DSK rocks
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..Khushi.. @..Khushi.. 15 years ago Thanks Nishtha...be it any way but I'm Happy that DSK was Included in POTW!!! Thank very much :)
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amrit50 @amrit50 15 years ago It is very strange that the serial that gets just 4 points in the 'Chaska Meter' gets picked in Pick of the Week'
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ven @ven 15 years ago Way to go KS, Keep up the good work.
The new Bani is outstanding.
We are loving you Bani.
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Shruti @shruti 15 years ago Bidaai & KS were rocking. Finally Pronita got her memory back!!
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Sabeen @SabeenSmiles 15 years ago dats sooo true!!! kasamh se did rock dis week!!!!!!!!! Pronita got her memory back and she remembered that she herself is Bani!!! wonder when will they show Atharva's entry and who is gonna play Atharva unless if Vicky himself is Atharva cuz Meera cud have done anything u never know if Vicky is really Atharva.
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