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Pet-acular Characters!

Bollywood has always had a divers emotional quotient when it comes to these adorable creatures, so here are a few movies that bring out the importance of animals and their contributions to the storyline.

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This week BollyCurry celebrates the Pushkar Camel Fair by paying its sincerest compliments to characters and their pets who have made the other look good on-screen. Bollywood has always had a diverse EQ (emotional quotient) when it comes to these adorable creatures, so here are a few movies that bring out the importance of animals and their contributions to the storyline.

Ramu & Raju - Haathi Mere Saathi

Rajesh Khanna plays Raju, a character who is saved by the elephant Ramu and others. This incident makes them inseparable until Raju's wife presents the ultimatum of either choosing Raju or herself. The movie therein takes certain twists and turns with Ramu eventually sacrificing his life to protect Raju's son. Raju and Ramu grow up together like any two friends do. The fact that Ramu tries to save Raju's marriage and gives up his life to protect Raju and his family shows the unconditional depth of his love.

Moti & Ram - Teri Meherbaniyan

This was one movie where the pet dog outplays the protagonist. Ram is played by Jackie Shroff and is a character who is simple and fair but is unfortunately murdered by the antagonist. Moti, his pet dog, plans to avenge his master's death and acts upon the same in the second half of the movie. The song "Teri Meherbaniyan" was written keeping in mind the dog and his fierce loyalty.

Snake & Parvati - Doodh Ka Karz
This movie explores a new dimension of a pet avenging the master's death. Until the release of Doodh Ka Karz, the only known heroic pets were dogs and elephants, but this movie broke all myths by introducing a snake in a pivotal role. Parvati, a snake charmer, feeds a hungry snake with her own milk and cares for it like her own son, Suraj (Jackie Shroff). She schemes vengeance against the men who killed her husband and wants her son enact upon it. The movie progresses with the snake helping Parvati and Suraj at every step, ending with the avenging of Suraj father's death.

Dhanno & Basanti - Sholay

An evergreen movie, Sholay, emerged as a winner with the characters that broke the trend. One cannot recall the character of Basanti, the ever-so talkative girl, without reminiscing her lovable horse, Dhanno. Basanti not only earned her living through Dhanno by driving a horse cart, but Dhanno was Basanti's confidante. She trusted her life with the horse, which was depicted by the dialogue "Bhaag Dhanno Bhaag, teri Basanti ki izzat ka sawaal hai".

Tuffy & Prem - Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

A blockbuster hit at the box office, this movie manages to strike the right chords even today. One of the USPs of the film lay with the pet dog Tuffy who plays cupid with his adorable acts. Be it playing the umpire to the newlyweds and favoring the new family member, or handing the letter to the right person and making sure everything fell in the right place, Tuffy hit a homerun in every scene.

In all the aforementioned movies, it is the emotional bond that is shared by the characters with their pets that tugs at the heartstrings. Loyal as they are, you will often find them not caring for themselves while they attend to all their master's needs. Thus, BollyCurry salutes the passion and finesse with which these pets have played their parts. We sign off, leaving you all to share bits and tales of pets you've had or have ever wanted. Until next time!

Writer: Pooja B.
Editor(s): Fariha L. and Jenifer Y.
Graphics: Aanchal V.

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