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'Pandya Store' to take a 5 year leap; here's why

There is a reason why Pandya Store will be taking this leap.

Published: Tuesday,Jan 10, 2023 13:30 PM GMT-07:00
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Pandya Store

Star Plus' Pandya Store is one of the most popular and top rated shows on the channel. The makers are leaving no stone unturned to make the show interesting and to maintain the high voltage drama. Now, the show will soon take a five year leap. 

The promo of the same has already been creating lot of buzz. It is seen that the four brothers will no longer be staying together and will now have young kids. It is seen how Chikoo, who is currently the adopted son of Gautam and Dhara (Kinshuk Mahajan and Shiny Doshi) will grow up and his character will be essayed by Vidhaan Sharma, Chutki, Dev and Rishita's (Akshay Kharodia and Simran Budharup) will be played by Kiara Sadh and Shiva and Raavi (Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik) will also be seen playing parents to a boy.

There is a buzz coming about the show as to what is the reason for the show taking a leap.

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According to the news in a leading portal, the track around Shweta (Ankita Bahuguna) has been running for too long and it was dragging. So to add a fresh new look, the leap was required. Therefore the makers have introduced a leap which will see how the brothers are separated and living away from each other.

Currently, the track revolves around how Shweta is creating havoc in the Pandya brothers' lives by not letting them live in peace. She has taken over the family business - Pandya Store and is planning to sell the shop. 

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SejaI 2 months ago Over 400 dislikes to this article shows how much audience are disliking this leap. This also shows how much Shivi supporters are unhappy with this track. But kya fayda, no one will listen.
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Palak2812 2 months ago ShiVi the trp magnet won't be given their due
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Palak2812 2 months ago Raavi won't ever be respected or cared
Reply thumbs-up 1 thumbs-down 0
Palak2812 2 months ago Shweta crime per crime karke bhi mast ghumegi
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Palak2812 2 months ago Wahi Dora ki faltu mahaanta show karenge
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Palak2812 2 months ago Nothing won't change
Wahi same faltu
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spdp 2 months ago They are leaving most loved pair ShiVi’s story untold & jumping to forced leap.
Show had started with great story with kids. Had already taken generation leap. Needed to explore their stories first before forcing this leap.
This one is just to further focus on Dhara & bachchas.
Enough of Dhara & her toxic control, bachcha jaap- people are fed up with that as much as with shweta.

Naah: they should have focused o growth of couples & Shiva dev finally realizing selfish mahanta of gombi Dhara & batwara. Shiva’s education track. Them stepping out & growing.
ShiVi’s pregnancy phase.
Not more Bhabhijaap. This leap makes show like 15 other current show w nothing new to offer.
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SejaI 2 months ago Not sure why leap is required especially when the current storyline of Shivi is not yet fully utilised. Here to support only Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik 👏🏼👏🏼
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mpks1 2 months ago It’s hard for me to believe that makers are bored with Shweta. They love her and they think she is the only TRP magnet in the entire show 🤣🤣🤣 Her fans are Choubays, RA, Vinod Ranganath, Arshad Khan, who will not leave even one stone unturned to prop her and justify her actions. This creative tram love Criminals and won’t hesitate to prove how they are right in every possible way.

Without Shweta, without leap, there is so much to show if they had followed the Original but Nooooo the writers, creative team want to ruin everything for the audience and ardent fans.
Lage Raho, makers! 🙄
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NayaNehaD31 2 months ago So Shweta is gone? No she will be back and again it'll be Dhara vs Shweta and both of them fighting for Chiku and his money! Disgusting show!
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