Onscreen Anil, Sonam - Not Yet!

We wonder what Sonam has to say about this - a rejection from her own Dad ...

Anees Bazmee has worked twice earlier with veteran actor Anil Kapoor - No Entry and Welcome - both being multi-starrer comedies that faired reasonably well at Box Office.

Why then, one wonders, would Anil turn down a role in Bazmee's next? Considering it could be a brilliant opportunity to be cast together with his lovely daughter Sonam Kapoor on screen!

Apparently, he has his reasons. Anil has made it big even on the international front as an actor, primarily thanks to all the fame the Oscar sweeping Slumdog Millionaire brought him. Consequently, he now wishes to be furthermore selective about the roles he goes on to enact in the future.

And the fact that this would involve father and daughter appearing side by side on the big screen makes him even more cautious.

Sources close to the Kapoors claim that Anil is waiting for the right time, and above all the apt roles where in to share his first common project with Sonam. And Anees Bazmee's Thank You, doesn't fit the bill.

We wonder what Sonam has to say about this - a rejection from her own Dad, whatever the reasons?!

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