One for all, all for one

Anuj Saxena's tale is that of having the cake and eating it too.

Anuj Saxena's tale is that of having the cake and eating it too. The managing director of Elder Pharmaceuticals is busy using and endorsing a fairness cream for men that the company has started manufacturing. The owner of Maverick Productions says he hit upon this idea of making Fair One for Men, formulated by reputed beautician Shehnaz Hussain, when he noticed that the market for the product was largely untapped in India.

But has he become brand ambassador for Fair One after some celebrity turned down the ad offer? "I wanted to save my money and hence I am endorsing this product," he jokes.

Shehnaz, however, has an answer for it. She says: "Whenever we think of a handsome, tall, good-looking guy, we think of Anuj Saxena. Hence, we all decided not to choose an outside model."

Anuj has been missing from the small screen for quite some time now. So is there something else cooking too? "There is something coming soon on the big screen and I hope I will star in it," Anuj signs off. It seems this guy is indeed a one-man show.

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Anuj Saxena

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I can't wait to see him on big screen.
Thanks for the article.

16 years ago

oh wow!!! so he'll possibly be seen in Bolly?? well all the best to him, i just hope he DOES NOT enter KumKum...hehe

16 years ago

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