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Mysterious exit of Balaji's 'Blue-eyed boys'..

As yet another Ekta's favorite, Pulkit Samrat leaves the Balaji camp, the Telly Buzz team analyses the reasons behind the 'Walkouts' of few Blue-eyed boys of Ekta...

Published: Friday,Feb 08, 2008 18:51 PM GMT-07:00
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Balaji Telefilms, is known to bring in talents from all nooks and corners, and provide them a stage to show case their talents, and eventually provide them a special place in the hearts of the Indian audience. The loyalists of the Ekta family ultimately hit the pinnacle of success and get to be called ‘Ekta Kapoor’s Blue eyed favorites’.

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But, a trend that has been seen in the past few years is that, the so-called ‘Blue-Eyed Greats’ have moved out of Ekta’s production house seeking something different. This was first noticed in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, when the then-chocolate hero, Amar Upadhyay walked out of the serial indicating that he was not interested in playing the role of Mihir after the leap. A point to be noted here, is that Amar was at the helm of popularity then, and was the first small screen actor to be brought back into the serial from the ‘dead’, courtesy a nation level uproar, wanting his comeback. One might be able to question the fact that even though Amar quit the show, couldn’t he join some other show of the same production as well? After being a top rated actor in Television, Amar quit the Telly industry to make a career in Bollywood, which right now has gone down the drain. Doesn’t that leave us wondering if that was truly the reason why Amar left the Balaji camp?

Next to follow was none other than another chocolate boy Rajeev Khandelwal, admired by the masses as Sujal of Kahin Toh Hoga. But again, Rajeev mysteriously walks out of the production house, leaving things sore between the two and till date, Rajeev and Ekta, cannot see eye to eye. Though Rajeev made his mark with other shows, Ekta suffered a loss with Sujal’s replacement. Rajeev claimed that he was being framed and stagnant with the story of Kahi Toh Hoga, while Ekta claims that Rajeev wanted full control of the show and played tantrums as well. Till date, except for the here-and-there comments coming from both, they have remained tight lipped about the whole issue. Now isn’t that strange?

The latest addition to the list is none other than Pulkit Samrat aka Lakshya of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Pulkit sued Ekta Kapoor for not being given remuneration for his work. Along with legal issues, Pulkit has a personal grudge that he was treated as an extra in the show, and has been framed for being unprofessional. On the other hand, the production house alleges that Pulkit had starry attitude and was getting a little too pricey for the camp. But now don’t most of the actors have an attitude? We don’t see them being chucked out, do we?

But the question that arises here is that is it a mere co-incidence that so many of Ekta’s protégés have walked out for the reasons stated, or is there something else behind the picture?

Author: Melanie, Hiral Anju Bhatt

Note: The views expressed are solely of the author. For any information, please contact the author.

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Jessuu 14 years ago juhi ur soo sweet!
love you..
such an elegant actress!
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Fazila~ 14 years ago they probably got sane heheheh and tired ofthe same s tory going on n on n on like the rest of us sane ppl........:P
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Desi rani
Desi rani 14 years ago Pulkit's decision is right..
cuz ekta wasn't giving any preference to charachter of lakshya.

We are wid you :)
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sweet @s candy
sweet @s candy 14 years ago noo know there it no way i can watch sas ever again
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sanam85 14 years ago I don't blame those actors...they probably tired of the story, I don't get it she brings the new generation but then they are just being use as side actors the old generation is still ruling....I miss Pulkit but I am happy for him that he left the show then sitting in that boring serial...
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raym 14 years ago i hate ekta ,shez really mean and selfish lady ...all actors cant e wrong i amm 100% sure it must have been ektas fault
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**Sanchita** 14 years ago all those actors can't be wrong..it must have been ekta's fault
i'll miss pulkit :(
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TiaMaria93 14 years ago never fear...i will sooooooonnnnnn hav my own production house up and running and then we can all be rid of ekta's drama once and for all! LOL!!! ahhaha that's my future goal..to put ekta out of business :D:D
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Vera 14 years ago I can see why the actors would walk out. They probably get tired of playing the same role for such a long time. That's why Ekta needs to wrap up her serials in a short time. Audience gets tired and so do the actors and actresses.
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Ezria_Fan_4ever 14 years ago All my favourites,amar, rajeev and pulkit left ekta.

I hope pulkit gets a good role in another serial
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