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MY MAN - Rakhi Sawant

Interview with Rakhi Sawant.

Q- Your ideal Guy?

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A- Of course, my boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi

Q-Hottest hunk in Bollywood?
A-That would have to be shirtless Salman Khan! Man, he looks really hot and dashing!

Q-One-night stand or commitment?
A-I am an Indian and obviously will choose commitment. By the way, that’s a rude question to ask any desi woman.

Q-If your guy told you to stop wearing provocative clothes?
A-I will dump him rather than change my lifestyle. It’s my life, yaar, who is he to tell me what to wear and what not to. We live in modern times where both the partners have the freedom to do their own things.

Q- Your take on metro sexual men?
A-Yes, I dig metro sexual men. Why should women only look good and spend hours in the saloon? It works both ways, even the woman has the right to expect her husband to look after his appearance. Gone are the days when men could look bad and the wife would still stand by him. Today, she will leave him for somebody else.

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Q-Ideal romantic vacation?
A-I would love to go with him to the beautiful ice-capped Swiss Alps or to the sexy beaches of Goa.

Q-Would you want your guy to buy you lingerie?
A-No, I prefer to buy my own lingerie. On a more funny note, I would want him to get me boxer shorts, so that I can easily beat him up when he acts funny.

Q-Would you want your guy to fight for you?
A-Yes, why not? I would expect my guy not to be a wimp and just beat those people to pulp, who dared to mess around with his girl.

Q-Can men be trusted?
A-Not all men are bad, even if they were, we still have to make do with them.

Q-Any message to your male fans?
A-Just be there for me the way you always have. I am what I am, because of you guys’ love and support.

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maha786 12 years ago she is 1 of the girls in bollywood whi really speaks her heart out which is gud and bad in a way but v luv her the way she is
Mariha_LoveIF 12 years ago mun khuli woman aur drama buhat kerti ha
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