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Music Review: Brothers

Today, BollyCurry finds out if this one fits the bill or not!

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Brothers, the official remake of the 2011 Hollywood film, Warrior, features the Khiladi Kumar, Akshay Kumar and the dashing Sidharth Malhotra as estranged brothers. With both taking part in a mixed martial arts tournament, the brothers must confront each other and their long forgotten past! Without a shadow of a doubt, a movie with such a storyline could possibly generate tracks filled only with angst and emotions. 

The music directors are (most appropriately) brothers - the duo of Ajay-Atul, popular for their tracks in movies such
as PK (2014), Agneepath (2012) and Singham (2011). Although, the siblings have a National Award for Best Music Direction to boast, not all of their composed movie albums are nomination worthy. Today, BollyCurry finds out if this one fits the bill or not!

First up, is the title song called "Brothers Anthem" sung by Vishal Dadlani. Known for his powerhouse vocals, Dadlani amps it up in this track. However, what stands out in this particular song is the strong orchestra of instruments in the background. The end result is a number full of the strength and emotions, just as expected! 

Considering that Brothers is a Bollywood movie, it's at this point, considered a felony of the greatest in the industry if a movie was to release without an item song. Hence, "Mera Naam Mary" sung by Chinmayi Sripada is included in the album, the beats and music very much reminiscent of "Chikni Chameli". The item song is the remade version of an existing number from a Marathi film, Jatra, also directed by the same duo. The verdict? We're not impressed. The lack of originality is too much to bear. 

Third on our list is a soft, emotional track sung by the melodious Shreya Ghoshal, "Gaaye Jaa". The song has two versions - one female and the other, male. The quiet violins complimenting Ghoshal's voice adds to the soothing track. The male version sung by Mohammed Irfan, unfortunately, does not match up to the female rendition with Irfan's deep voice not quite in tune with the subdued instruments. However, this number easily lands #1 on the list of Ajay-Atul's album for the film, hands down. 

The last but not the least is "Sapna Jahan" with the voices of Sonu Niigaam and Neeti Mohan. The track starts with a beautiful piano note, and it continues as various instruments gradually join in. As expected of Niigaam, the soothing song is amplified with his exceptional voice that is matched with ease by Mohan. The brilliant usage of instruments in the background when the singing ceases, succeeds in further bettering it. If it hadn't been for Ghoshal's exemplary performance in "Gaaye Jaa", this track could have become the best of the album - but it's not far behind! 

In conclusion, we concur with our starting statement of tracks full of angst and emotion. The album of the movie can be summed in those two simple words. Save for the unfortunate item song, the album serves its purpose - and does so well, might we add! Although it's not a National Award winning album, it earns a whopping 4/5 from us. 

The action thriller releases in theatres near you on August 14! Don't forget to buy your tickets. Before that, feel free to listen to the album on your favorite music streaming site and let us know what you rate it as in your comments below.

Author: Harjot D.
Editor[s]: Ritchelle C. and Mohini N.
Graphics: Komal P. and Marsh P.

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DamRyeong 5 years ago anthem music is simply amazing.. lyrics is superb..
flipandearn 5 years ago Brothers plot looks awesome and it has nice songs i love Sapna Jahan song.
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