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Music Review 1920

Music Review 1920

Published: Monday,Sep 08, 2008 12:14 PM GMT-06:00
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Music Review 1920

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1920 is an idea that Vickram Bhatt had a long time back. He always wanted to make a movie like 1920, which is a period and horror film together, which would provide the viewers altogether with a different experience and feeling. The music director is Adnan Sami and the lyricist is Sameer, it has singers like Pandit Jasraj, Asha Bhonsle, Kilash Kher and others.

The music of 1920 has an old kind of setting and gives a haunted feeling that helps to go along with the flow of the movie. The album consists of 7 songs; the first song is ‘Vaada Tumse Hai Vaada’ by legendary Pandit Jasraj, he singing for the first time in a bollywood movie. With Pandit Jasraj on mike one may expect a full classical out follow, but this does not happen, as
Adnan Sami gets his trademark settings in place to generate a fine combination of classical melody and modern town. The song talks about the promises that one make in love, it also has some melodious and plenty of sound effects.  Another version of the soundtrack is sung by Parveen Sultana, this time the song, sounds very different, like a fusion of a modern track.
The next soundtrack is ‘Bichua’ sung by Shubha Mudgal, is an item song picturized on none other than Rakhi Sawant, who is an excellent dancer performer. The song has created a lot of sensation on all the music channels lately. The song also has a little “Qawali” touch and is not an easy soundtrack to be sung. Though you may not like the song on the first attempt. Later in the album you also get to hear a remixed version, which is much faster and better than the original soundtrack. The song also has western beats that makes the song more peppi and entertaining, thus it will also help in making it work at the pubs.

The next song is 'Aise Jalta Hai Jiya' sung by Asha Bhonsle is quite a soothing number. From the lyrics one can make out, the song is full of love, emotion, feelings and desire. Its another situational soundtrack, for the film…

'Tujhe Main Pyar Karu'
another passionate number in the movie sung by Kailash Kher, but this songs lacks the magic which he usually creates in his songs. It is quite a slow song with highly average lyrics.

The last soundtrack is '1920 - Theme' song, a sweet smoothing to ears music played on a piano along with a violin, sad that the music only lasts for 2 minutes.

The 1920 album over is worth buy.

Rakhi Sawant Kailash Kher Shubha Mudgal Adnan Sami

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