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Movie Review : Main Tera Hero

Cast: Varun Dhawan, Ileana D'Cruz, Nargis Fakhri, Arunoday Singh, Rajpal Yadav, Anupam Kher; Director: David Dhawan; Rating: **1/2

Cast: Varun Dhawan, Ileana D'Cruz, Nargis Fakhri, Arunoday Singh, Rajpal Yadav, Anupam Kher; Director: David Dhawan; Rating: **1/2

The hit formula of making successful movies back in the 90s was having a good looking hero, make him sing, dance, beat the hell out of the bad guy and make his lady fall in love with him, not forget the punch lines in every scene. Well this formula doesnt fail completly even today. Let's just say David Dhawan knows his business. Main tera hero seems to be like one of those zillion Govinda flicks with some new age dancing and oh yes six pack abs! The student(s) of the year who have made their 2nd innings year, have quite made it through, must say. Be it Alia Bhatt in Highway, Sidharth Malhotra in Hasee Toh Phasee or most recently Varun Dhawan in Main Tera Hero.

The Love Story begins of a mischievous, clever, charming, a daredevil and the HERO (Varun Dhawan) who falls in love with Sunaina (Ileana D'Cruz). Walks in Angad (Arunoday Singh) the corrupt cop, who wants to forcibly marry Ileana and to make things spicier also does Ayesha (Nargis Fakhri) who is madly in love with our Hero. A massy entertaining romantic drama ensues, which takes Our Hero from the mountainous Ooty, to the fun college campus of Bangalore, and then to a beautiful mansion, in gorgeous Thailand.

Now for the main part of a David Dhawan film, performance! Varun Dhawan who is just one film old, plays the central character of Seenu. Well he does sing at the drop of a hat and dances superbly too. He fights a thousand goons single handedly and every girl in the movie wants him. In short he is the typical Bollywood hero. Well Varun sure looks great on screen. Not only does a sport a six pack ab, but surprisingly is very expressive too. In romantic scenes his expressions would make a 16 year old weak on her knees and in the comedy scenes you want to pull his ear and call him a naughty boy. Though acting is still a long way ahead but he does a tolerable job. Ileana D'cruz, who plays the college queen bee, Sunaina doesn't have much to do other than look pretty in every frame and smile. Though she tends to look too thin and hence misses out on the hotness quotient. Whatever that she does in the film is simple and sweet but not enough to be noticed. Nargis, who essays the role of Ayesha, the daughter of the mafia king on the other looks pretty as well as very chic. Even though she dons a heavy accent in her hindi all through the film, she could be given a miss very easily.
Arunoday Singh, who plays a cop, Angad, with a major anger problem, is the surprise package in the film. After seeing his serious roles in movies like Yeh Saali Zindagi, seeing him being tongue tied in front of the lady he loves and sporting some comic scenes, was very refreshing. The best part of his role is that he keeps saying those "knock knock" jokes on repeated intervals, which add to his comic timing. But then he looks very huge with a tiny head, but it works for his role in the film. Rajpal Yadav who has excellent comic timing does complete justice to the small role he has of Angad's right hand, Peter. Anupam Kher proves his versatility as an actor yet again. With good comic timing, every last word of what he says echoes', as he was born in the valleys.
Writer, Milap Zaveri has nothing new and fresh to offer but still does an average job with the treatment of the story. Sajid-Wajid's music has some catchy, foot tapping numbers like, Besharmi Ki Height, Palat and Shanivar Raati. Bosco-Caesar has done a fantastic job with choreography and has given Varun all the right moves.  Dialouges by Tusshar Hiranandani and Milap Zaveri are good and do have some great punch lines in the movie, specially the one where Varun criticizes Katrina's Hindi speaking.

All in all Main Tera Hero, caters to a massy audience and may or may not cater to the classy ones. It is a full on David Dhawan  masala entertainer. It is no splendid piece of work but the entire cast and crew manage to put up a decent show after all. Sometimes you need to have movies like this just so that you can relax and unwind all the stress of the week. Even though there aren't many laugh out loud moments, it is worth a watch, if nothing you will just get some pickup lines to flaunt your herogiri.


Rajpal Yadav Anupam Kher David Dhawan Ileana D'Cruz Sajid Ali Wajid Ali Bosco Martis Caesar Gonsalves Arunoday Singh Nargis Fakhri Varun Dhawan Alia Bhatt Sidharth Malhotra Main Tera Hero 

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