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Molkki star Priyal Mahajan on keeping up with COVID-19, shooting with Amar Upadhyay and more

Molkki actress Priyal Mahajan got talking about the show, keeping up with COVID-19, co-star Amar and more in an exclusive conversation with India-Forums. Read here.

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Priyal Mahajan and Amar Upadhyay starrer Molkki has garnered quite the fan following and continues to be a popular show with the audiences. The show narrates the tradition where poor girls are married off in exchange for money, a tradition that is forbidden but is still practiced in rural areas.

Priyal, has become quite the household name with the show and her character Purvi has managed to find a place in everyone's hearts. We got in touch with Priyal and she got talking about the show, keeping up with COVID-19, co-star Amar and more. Read our conversation with her here.

What goes into your head and how do you keep your sanity in check, how do you manage?

I have stopped watching the news because whenever you watch it, there is news about people testing positive, or asking for oxygen or someone is losing oxygen. I can't tell you how are we working because everything is so sad and depressing around the world. I feel very sorry for everything that people are going through and facing such situations with their loved ones. We are not robots, of course, but we have to be normal. We have been away from the family and our whole world is burning, and we wonder often, what are we doing, but then we realize that whatever we are doing, we need to be grateful and that we are working and we are safe, and that is exactly how we are managing again.

How has the response been so far?

As of now, I only tend to feel bad for Purvi, but I think even the audience will feel that. I love this character, whatsoever, I love playing her every day. Purvi and Priyal are different from each other and that is something that motivates me because I am not Priyal on sets, I learn new things every day about the character, and that is something that is challenging me, and some scenes make me wonder what would Priyal have done.

What have you learned from co-star Amar, does he give you tips and advices?

We all have seen him in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, and I was a little uncomfortable in the beginning and nervous to gel up, because he is senior to me, but after two-three scenes I was comfortable, and he made that happen, he is a gem of a person. Even our director, Muzammil, made me comfortable. Amar sir really helps me out with lines and scripts, and when big and small things happen, when you tend to forget the fine line between the character and yourself, and he often corrects me saying that don't do this or don't give this expression, or do something else and how to do it. Many a time, we have longer scenes, so understanding all that, and if I forget something, he supports me every time and tells me how to remember things, especially when it comes to certain Hindi words. I am so happy to share the screen space with him.

Have you ever had to convince yourself for a scene even though you don't believe in it?

No such thing has happened so far where a scene has got me thinking where I feel I shouldn't do a scene or mould a scene, but if it happens sometime in the future, I won't think about Priyal, because I have to think according to my character, and if I feel that scene is not doing justice, then I will ask, but I will make sure not to think as Priyal. 

Any plans to explore the web space?

I won't say that I won't go for web or Bollywood, I am waiting for a good project to come my way and if I get one, I will definitely go for it. 

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ReemShah 3 months ago Purvir rocks as a couple...
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PutijaChalhov 4 months ago Priyal and Amar look good as PURVIR
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Piyaazzz 4 months ago Priam rockzzz ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Red_eyes 4 months ago Amar upadhyay is the best only watch molkki for you ❤️
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NaliniRao85 4 months ago Love Priyal Mahajan & Amar upadhyay Jodi it’s beautiful 🤩 but they should give some offscreen segments too
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Fazzzz 4 months ago Loving Priyal Mahajan as Purvi.
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Deepika18767 4 months ago Loving priyal mahajan & amar upadhyay as purvir but we want offscreen segments n pics of them like all other jodis get 🙂
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Red_eyes 4 months ago Amar upadhyay as VPS and mihir in kyon ki both roles he did a fab job
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midniteangel 4 months ago Great IV by priyal! Love ur acting as Purvi.. Purvir rocks!!
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PriAmAddiction 4 months ago Amazing IV :) In Love with Priyal Mahajan & Amar Upadhyay's hot & sizzling chemistry as #PurVir..! PriAm as are magical..!! simply ruling the hearts around the world.. kudos to them... PriAm rules..!! wish we get more PriAm IV's and segments.. :*
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