Molkki began with how a poor girl Purvi is compelled to marry Virendra Pratap Singh, a widowed father of two kids but also the honcho of the village....

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Amar Upadhyay
Amar Upadhyay

as: Virendra Pratap Singh

He is the mukhiya(Head) of the village, Husband of Purvi, Widower of Sakshi, father of Juhi and Manas

Priyal Mahajan
Priyal Mahajan

as: Purvi

Virendra’s wife, Vipul’s love interest, elder sister of Priyashi and Daddu.

Supriya Raina  Shukla
Supriya Raina Shukla

as: Prakashi Devi

Virendra’s mother, Bheem’s sister, Purvi’s MIL

Abhay Bhargava
Abhay Bhargava

as: Bheem

Virendra’s uncle(Mama ji), Prakashi’s brother.


Toral Rasputra Toral Rasputra

as: Actress

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