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Mohit Chauhan Takes a dig at Masakali 2.0: Says 'It reeks of greed'!

Mohit Chauhan is upset with the Masakali remake and he hopes that the music industry takes a firm stand about the same. He also pointed out how he is ‘third-in-line’ to be upset about the remake, after Rahman and Prasoon...


Sidharth Malhotra and Tara Sutaria’s recent release has seen a lot of criticism after composer AR Rahman took a dig at the remake. The recently-released song Masakali 2.0, is a remake of the song Masakali from the 2009 film, Delhi-6. It was crooned by Mohit Chauhan and he isn’t happy about the remake

He said, “When any musician is creating an original, there’s a whole lot of hard work, heart and soul into it. But once it becomes a big hit, a few people, piggyback on it and ruin the entire feel of the song. That’s not right.”

Chauhan, who had sung the original song, which was composed by Rahman in the Abhishek Bachchan-Sonam Kapoor Ahuja starrer, directed by Mehra, agrees with Rahman, who had, in his tweet, urged people to listen to the original.

Chauhan even pointed out how Rahman must have been hurt to hear the remake. “Rahman saab does not talk often. So one can imagine how hurt he is that he had to talk about it. And this is not the first time he is unhappy with a remake (of a song, which was originally created by him).” 

He also said he is ‘third-in-line’ to be upset about the remake, after “Rahman sir, who created the music and Prasoon, who wrote the lyrics, which gives the song its meaning.”

Chauhan also claimed being ignored by several musicians, who covered his rendition of the song Mai ni Meriye from his 2009 album Fitoor, which originally is a folk song.

Further talking about the song she said, “I know it’s a folk song, so I know, I don’t own the rights. But it was me, who brought it to the mainstream, and was the first one to adapt it. Since then, there have been so many musicians, who have copied what I have done, and not a single one of them, even spoke with me,” he says.

Chauhan is clearly upset with the remake and he hopes that the music industry takes a firm stand about the same. “I am not in favor of ruining beautiful, iconic songs, and that too, too often. I can understand if one recreates it for a film, where it justifies the situation or something like that. This was only a single. This was not right. The time for polite dismissal is over. I think, it’s time now for the industry to take a stand against this rampant trend, which harms creativity and originality,” he says.

“This reeks of greed. I understand that movies and music are made to make money, but they exist in the first place because of the creative process right? If there’s no creativity then how will you get songs of Roja or Rockstar or numbers like Tum Se Hi or Dooba Dooba? The creative process needs to be respected” he added before signing off. 

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