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#MidYearReview: Top 5 NEGATIVE characters that sent chills down the spine!

As they say, it's good to be BAD...

Published: Thursday,Jun 29, 2017 12:33 PM GMT-06:00
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As we reach towards the end of half a year and have covered the debutants, on-screen couples and shows; it's time to acknowledge the 'bad' ones in TV shows.

The idea of playing a grey or an out-and-out negative character has become a trend these days and the conventional TV actors also do not refrain from playing a character like that.

While Jennifer Winget has aced the character of Maya in Sony TV's Beyhadh, we list down the top 5 negative characters on TV shows that managed to leave a lasting impression and how -

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Anarchic, ruthless yet charming as Veer, actor Vikkas Manaktala made his acting comeback earlier this year with the Life OK show, Ghulaam. The actor not only looked but also appeared to be completely different when unveiled as Veer in the promos. Now 6 months later, Veer continues to be as cunning as he was and the audience loves to hate him.

Ridhi Dogra Vashisth

It was a complete 360 degree turn for actress, Ridhi Dogra, who made her acting comeback after several years. It's not everyday that you come across a conventionally popular and commercial TV lead actress taking the risk of doing a negative character. However, playing Nisha in Woh Apna Sa, not only has Ridhi managed to do complete justice to her character, but also there have been instances on how the people love her even more because of her grey shades.

After being THE man who has been dreading the leading heroes in several blockbuster films, Rahul Dev made a roaring entry into commercial Hindi TV as the merciless and tyrannical Kaali Thakur in Star Plus' spin-off show, Dil Boley Oberoi. Doing what he does best, Rahul was absolutely fantastic.

In a show where Jennifer Winget rules one and all playing Maya, it was difficult to imagine anyone else playing as much as a 'bad one' in Beyhadh. However, coming in the most calm manner and managing to outclass others, Piyush Sahdev wowed one and all with his character of Samay/Rajeev. As crazy, manipulative, ruthless and unmerciful as Maya is, Samay/Rajeev crossed those limits making the viewers pity Maya at various instances. That's how good Piyush was as Samay/Rajeev!

Sudesh has become the go-to man when it comes to performing grey or totally negative characters in TV shows. From one show to another, the veteran manages to leave an impact which is remembered for a long time. While his character in Shakti... Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii has his share of good and bad days, his role in Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai was one to be fearful about. Playing a rich and stone-hearted man, Bhavani Singh Rathore did not care about anything else and would go to any limits when it came to protecting himself and his family name. In a show, where everybody had grey shades, Bhavani was the 'worst' of them all.

It's refreshing to see major league actors taking up challenging characters and not ceasing to experiment which brings in a freshness to television viewing along with breaking several stereotypes.

These days on Indian television, it's certainly good to be bad! 

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Adiya_advni 5 years ago Love woh apna sa..Ridhi Dogra is the best2017-07-02 00:49:32
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altgr 5 years ago Ridhi Dogra Vashisth is the best. I love Woh Apna Sa
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charmz517 5 years ago Jennifer Winget has set a new mark in Indian Television by being one of the most popular and commercially successful actresses, and taking up a risky role like Maya. By far the most spine chilling character on TV. She plays a grey/negative character, all while playing a psycho at times as well. She is truly unbelievably talented!
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br200910 5 years ago Rahul Dv as Kali thakur was the best negative character . just super when rahul dev n kunal jaisingh fight scene .
Dil Bole Oberoi rocks
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CrazyLtlBitch 5 years ago Rahul Dev and Vikkas Manaktala are awesome in Dil Boley Oberoi and Ghulaam..
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sindukrishna 5 years ago Rahul Dv as Kali thakur was the best negative character .
Dil Bole Oberoi rocks
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ILoveNature 5 years ago All above mention character/actor deserves to be in the list but my fav is Vikkas Manaktala as Veer in Ghulaam and Rahul dev sir as Kali Thakur in Dil Boley oberoi. They makes me love villains too LOL they are best actors and own the character. it's treat to watch the tansan between Rangeela and veer, KT and Omkara/Gauri2017-06-29 19:31:23
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Alikhan2158 5 years ago I feel that the best antagonists are Maya Samay and Nisha. Riddhi Dogra is truly amazing and love Jennifer Winget n Piyush Sachdev
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Krilovad 5 years ago Favorites are Rahul Dev from Dil Boley Oberoi best kunal an Rahul scene awesome.
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ARJUNKIAPS 5 years ago interesting article all the actors are great
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