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'Mallika did not rag me, and this is the truth' - Kay Kay Menon

Kay Kay Menon is one of those actors who can carry off any given role with lan. Known for his versatility and serious characters, the actor has now shifted focus to comic roles too.

Published: Monday,Feb 25, 2008 12:53 PM GMT-07:00
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Kay Kay Menon is one of those actors who can carry off any given role with élan. Known for his versatility and serious characters, the actor has now shifted focus to comic roles too. The actor will now be seen in yet another serious role in Samar Khan's 'Shaurya'.

Q.: What does "Shaurya" mean to you?
A.: At first I would like to make clear that for me "shaurya" and "veerta" are two different things. "Shaurya" is in raising voice against wrong deeds when no one is ready to support you. But in this film that particular word has different meanings for different characters.

Q.: What's about your character in "Shaurya"?
A.: I am playing a brigadier in the film. He is known as Rudra Pratap Singh. He has some personal values and he has faith in those values only.

Q.: The film is based on army. What do you feel is the most interesting part of the film?
A.: The best thing is that whatever is told in the film is based on reality. Everything including uniform, behavior and mannerism are very realistic.

Q.: How did you prepare yourself for your character?
A.: I don't do much of research. I believe in the story and prepare my character based on the story. I have always seen that whenever we start researching with characters, we end up coming with some fixed mannerism. And that's even opposite to the character. I don't even think of doing the film which doesn't offer me any good character.

Q.: Have you ever done anything in your life that has become "shaurya" for you?
A.: I don't remember anything like that because I think it builds ego in you. So better you forget that as it helps living a better life.

Q.: It's your second movie with Rahul Bose. How was the experience?
A.: Very nice. Besides this film, we are working together in "Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam", too. Because of that, our tuning has become very good. He is an excellent actor. He works hard on improvisation in between scenes to make his character look better.

Q.: Was there any interesting incident in the set of "Shaurya" that you w
Mallika did not rag me, and this is the truth - Kay Kay Menon
ould like to share with us?
A.: I feel the whole film is memorable to me. We went to Manali for shooting. The most important thing is that I learnt golf during the shooting of that film.

Q.: You are known as a serious actor. Do you take these characters intentionally or you are naturally tended to taking those characters?
A.: I like to take my characters seriously, instead of making myself serious. Actually I am seriously a funny guy. In "Honeymoon Travels", my character is the same. I play characters in accordance with films. I hope the serious tag will soon be removed from my image.

Q.: In your reel life you are a serious character. But how do you look at yourself in your real life?
A.: Forget me; no one can describe himself in his own words. Someone capable of doing that would become God and I am no god. I change myself in accordance with situations around me.

Q.: There are many actresses who think you very hot.
A.: (Smiling) Well, I would like to know about my temperature.

Q.: Is it really a matter to laugh on or you feel good hearing that?
A.: Tell me who won't feel good knowing that? I am also feeling good. But believe me, I have tried nothing to achieve that. I don't know for how long should I be able to stay in the industry and I don't want to feel egoistic thinking about the matter.

Q.: We have heard that Mallika disturbed you a lot at the set of "Man Gaye Mughal-E-Azam".
A.: No one can disturb me as I never feel disturbed. If someone tries to disturb me that may well be a reason for his disturbance. I also have heard that Mallika pulled my legs but how could that be possible as my legs are already so long. And if you think Mallika ragged me, then I have to say that you are absolutely wrong. I am quite matured and it's impossible to rag me.

Q.: After "Honeymoon Travels" audience is expecting more comedies from you. Do you think your character in "Man Gaye Mughal-E-Azam" goes well with your expectation?
A.: I would only like to say that the whole universe is living on expectations.

Q.: You have played many characters. Tell us which is the character closest to your heart?
A.: I try to attach myself with all the characters; otherwise I couldn't have made them look realistic. Whether it's a character of a villain or a kind hearted human being, we just show it through our acting. Every human being has it in him, and he has to just bring it out.

Q.: How do you look at the awards?
A.: It means nothing to me.

Q.: Which kind of characters are you looking forward to portray in future?
A.: I would like to portray characters that can inspire others. I think every character has its own destiny. That destiny comes back to the actor who plays that character.

Q.: Please tell us about your forthcoming films.
A.: There are eight films besides "Shaurya". They are "Man Gaye Mughal-E-Azam", "Sunset City", "Drona", "Bombay Meri Jaan", "Frame", "Dream Man", "Via Darjeeling" and "Sirf". I don't know about which among them will get released first. I have done my job and all the films are ready to get released.

Q.: Is there any special film that you eagerly await?
A.: Once my job is over I forget about the films. Now, thinking about which film will get released first is a matter of increasing blood pressure for no reason. Any film that gets released first is better. For me, all the films are best.

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