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Mahesh Bhatt's death hoax?? Daughter Pooja Bhatt clarifies

Recently, there were rumors that Mahesh Bhatt has suffered a cardiac arrest and has passed away. Daughter Pooja Bhatt knew how to put these rumors to rest.


It's a world full of people and here, it doesn't take much time for a speculation to become a rumor and then a full fledged news. While Bollywood has been struggling with rumors for a long long time, people take it to a whole new level when they spread rumors about someone's death. 

Yes!! death hoax are not so uncommon in Bollywood as it has happened ample times that a Bollywood celebrity was declared dead by the gossip mongers and later that star himself had to clarify and give proof of his on going, kick-ass life.

The recent victim of death hoax is none other than Sadak director Mahesh Bhatt. The rumors were up and about that Mahesh Bhatt suffered a heart attack and breathed his last. Soon the media picked it up and people concerned started calling Bhatt's family members. 

It was then Pooja Bhatt who took to her Twitter account and clarified that her father is indeed hail and hearty. In her tweet, she wrote,"To the rumour mongers and the ones who called in a genuine state of panic upon hearing that my father @MaheshNBhatt had a heart attack and is dead, here is ample proof that he is his usual self, living dangerously and kicking! In red shoes no less!"

Have a look at her Tweet:

Courtesy : Twitter

After a really long break from his career, Mahesh Bhatt is taking the director's hat for his next Sadak 2. The movie stars Pooja Bhatt, Alia Bhatt and Aditya Roy Kapur. While the fans are excited to see Bhatt back in action, they are even more thrilled to see Pooja and Alia sharing the same screen. 

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