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Maa Tujhe Salaam!!

On the occasion of Mother's Day, Telly Buzz caught up with a few of your favorite on screen mom's to know the significance of this day in their lives. Here are Smriti Irani, Sarita Joshi, Vibha Chibber and Lubna Salim..

Published: Sunday,May 11, 2008 17:50 PM GMT-06:00
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Maa Tujhe Salaam!!

“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.”

Mother, Maa, Aayi, Amma, Mummy, Mum... does not matter with what name we call her, she is the support system of everyone's life, she guides our life, bails us out of hard times, she is the one whom we always find behind us standing tall and smiling. Yes, she is God's own child.

Sarita Joshi:

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Maa Tujhe Salaam!!
Baa - The woman of principles, who always asserts what she feels is right and gracefully accepts her fault, if wrong. The pillar of strength of the Thakkar family, who will go any lengths to see a smile on her children’s face.

What is the importance of mother’s day in your life? How special a day is it for you?
Frankly speaking, I do not actually believe in mother’s day. The family traditions and values with which I have been brought up do not have a classification or special demarcation to celebrate a day exclusively for mothers. My children never wish me specifically only on mother’s day. They say that everyday is mother’s day for them.

I have nothing against the celebration, it’s part of the new culture and if anyone wishes me I will gladly accept their wishes. I believe that you should celebrate mother’s day in honor of only one person that is Mother Theresa, as the whole world acknowledges her as a mother who has always been kind and nurturing to all.

You play the role of a mother in your show. You have faced so many trials and tribulations, so is it difficult to portray such a character?
Baa is a character who has always lived by her principles and values. She has been partial or favoured any particular child of hers. I have always identified with the character I play. This character has thought me a lot. I am a lot like Godavari Thakkar. I have faced similar trials and tribulations in my life but God has always been there, and he has always bestowed his blessings upon me. So it has never been difficult for me to essay Baa’s role.

Vibha Chibber:

The mother whose heart bleeds when she sees
Maa Tujhe Salaam!!
her daughter cry, who breaks down when her daughter is rejected due to her skin colour. A mother who shuns her own niece as she poses a threat to her daughter because of the difference in pallor and later has a change of heart and showers utmost affection on her niece...

What is the importance of mother’s day in your life? How special a day is it for you?
Every day is a mother's day for me.. From the moment I became a mother, I have forgot about myself and I am there only for my children. But this day is special for the fact that, the kids who take mothers for granted the whole year, celebrate this day in style and gift us all nice things.. They make us feel proud as mothers…

As a mother in Bidaai, your character has gone thro' a transition, wherein you are now more expressive towards Sadhana.. How difficult has it been to portray this change?
Kaushalya was never the bad woman. She had a fear that Sadhana's beauty might be a hindrance to her daughter Ragini's marriage. In fact, to tell you, I had refused plenty of roles just because I was asked to play a bad mother. According to me, a mother can never be bad. I like my character because it has various shades to it.

Which is the scene where you have been appreciated as a mother by your fans and close ones?
All my fans, relatives and friends were very happy when I got closer to Sadhana and showed small gestures that I really care for her well-being.

Who do you share the best onscreen chemistry with, amongst your kids in the show?
See, I have four kids in the show, Sadhana, Ragini, Vinu and my bahu Malti. We have a great time together. We now miss Sara as she shoots with the Rajvanshs’ now…

Smriti Irani:

Maa Tujhe Salaam!!
The mother to one and all, so much so, that she is fondly called Tulsi maiyya by all. A mother who went to the extent of killing her own flesh and blood to save the honor of her daughter-in-law, the woman who accepted the other woman’s son as her own. No matter what obstacles come her way, she has always stood by her children thru’ thick and thin.

What is the importance of mother’s day in you life?
Mother’s day is not a day about cards or flowers or gifts. It’s more about the sentiment. I would rather just get a hug or a kiss from my kids on this day. I would rather spend the entire day with them, which would make the day special for me. But I guess everyday is mother’s day.

Any special plans for your mum on mother’s day?
Oh no. I usually don’t make any special plans. In fact if I do anything of that sort for my mother, she will get a heart attack (laughs)….basically I am a very simple person and live a life without any shenanigans, so anybody who sees me taking an effort to celebrate any occasion will collapse.

The trials and tribulations you face on screen are innumerable. Is it difficult to portray the character you play?
I am a person who does not look at the gray side of a situation. It is either black or white for me. Tulsi is a lot like how I am off screen. I usually detest getting into any kind of melodramas. I always try to make sure that all my emotions, the sadness, the joy, the anger that I have to enact in the show are as natural as possible. So you see it never was really difficult to play the role of Tulsi.

Lubna Salim:

Leela Bhabi – a woman obsessed with her looks
Maa Tujhe Salaam!!
and materialistic things that make life luxurious. But no matter how obsessed she is with her looks and competition with her sister-in-law, she will go to any length to make sure her daughter gets all the world’s happiness and lives in the lap of luxury.

What is the importance of mother’s day in you life?
Mother’s day is the most important day in my life. I never realized the importance of it until I became a mother myself. Even though I stay quite close to my mother, I miss her a lot. You see, after a girl gets married and forms her own family, you do miss many things that are associated with the word mother. The security, the sense of belonging, the comfort and shelter. I wish all the mothers in the world a long, happy life and truly hope their children make them proud.

You share a very special relationship with your on-screen daughter Dimple. Annotate on that.
Yes, I share a very special relationship with my daughter Dimple. In fact, I am really missing her now that she is married. She always took a lot of trouble to make my mother’s day special and planned surprises for me.

Reporter: Melanie, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Melanie, Nishtha
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