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Live every moment to your fullest: Ragini Khanna.

Tellybuzz in talks with Ragini Khanna...

The beautiful and bubbly Ragini Khanna who was very honest and quick with her answers takes the quick grill...

How do you feel Anchoring the show Jhalak Dikhla Ja?

I feel great, it is something new for me but yes my heart lies in fiction. I love acting.

How close were you to your reel life and real life while you were playing Sasural Genda Phool?

Well definitely Suhana's emotions were mine but it wasn't me for sure.Suhana was a very rich and spend thrift girl wherein Ragini is a simple middle class girl. The way Suhana used to spend money and do shopping I never used to, I have only learnt in my life to save money, I never was a spendthrift.

Has any television show ever moved you to tears?

Yes 'Sasural Genda Phool' had moved me down to tears and so also my first daily soap 'Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi' too.

A  quote you follow in life?

'Live every moment to your fullest'.

Life to you is?

Life is bundle of surprise, you never know what is stored in there.

One unforgettable memory as a child?

I liked a doll which was worth 500rs that time, and at that time 500rs were too many. My brother knew that I like that doll and he collected money for 2years and got me that doll. I was overwhelmed and glad that he got me the doll.

The transport you prefer except car?

I  love cycling and it is the best transport as well as keeps you fit.

Fashion to you is?

Fashion is more important that acting nowadays.

Which is your all time favorite movie and why?

'Chupke Chupke' I love this movie and I have watched it nearly 50times and yet whenever it comes to TV I do watch it when I am free.

Which is your favorite television show?

Two and a half men is my favorite ongoing Television show but I am very sad that 'Desperate housewives' is over and I love the show 'Satyamev Jayate', it is an amazing show.

Ragini in one sentence?

'Totally unpredictable'.

Reporter and Author: Krishma Solanki.








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ArHiLover-x 8 years ago Ragini Khanna is amazing..
I agree too that Satyameva Jayate is a good show.. I miss her so much as Suhana!!
abhi786 8 years ago Good answers ragz...Come back soon to Fiction...
atominis 8 years ago Agree with Ragini. Satyamev Jayate is amazing and we need more mainstream channels and stars to take up such meaningful shows on social issues.
Laters.Baby 8 years ago ystrdy was busy so could't cmmnt anywhr...
luv ur evry ans...
jst cum soon in any serial princess...we r missin u 5 days...
unpredictable...keep smiling...:)
Diivi 8 years ago Missn U soo very much Ragz...wd hav bcm really mad if v dint get to c u in jhalak..still waitn to c u as a new charctr in a show,nd which wud b as unique as UU..
Luv ya looots...
Cathy25 8 years ago Hey we have so many similarities. Big smile
All the best for your career.2012-06-26 02:01:38
shonav 8 years ago ragini ur very nicely cutely hosting the jdlj show
and now a days ur looking so beautiful than before
ur smile is so cute
all the best for ur future ragini
march2011 8 years ago ragini always support u...love the bubbly way u are..u are a great anchor,seeing u in as an anchor i know for sure i'll be fully entertain
abhi786 8 years ago Ragini you are doing great as an anchor to JDJ... Hope to see in a show soon...
.Nish. 8 years ago aww.. was craving for an article on you!loved ur sensible answers.
loving ur anchoring as well but wishing to see u soon in some powerful role!!
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