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Revive the old memories of SGP

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madhoo 3 2809 9 years ago supriya18
plz tell me

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Demand for SGP Season2!!

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_Procrastinator 19 6407 9 years ago madhoo
'I'm obsessed with cinema': Ragini

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CrazyForAshish 4 2861 9 years ago pinki_sanyal
Jay & Ragini Meet Again SBS and SBB segments

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Anam... 9 5451 9 years ago pinki_sanyal
TB:Bygone Summers and the Ongoing Monsoons!Ragini

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.Tanya. 1 1775 9 years ago pinki_sanyal
Its been 6 months!

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Shwets1502 10 3499 10 years ago SuShaanRocks
New news about jay soni

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Jay Soni

konarkmalhotra0 1 2307 10 years ago SuShaanRocks
SGP in Our Life

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jonyeastwood 19 5075 9 years ago SuShaanRocks
Star Plus uploading full episodes on YouTube!

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Kal El 2 8097 10 years ago sillage.


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Supriya Pilgaonkar
Supriya Pilgaonkar

as: Shailaja

She is Ishaan’s badi maa [Chachi], Esshwar’s wife and the elder daughter in law of the house. No one in the house talks about her husband who left her and settled in America. Eeshwar not ...

Jiten Lalwani
Jiten Lalwani

as: Inder Kashyap

He is Eeshwar and Shailja’s son. He is a very bright young professional who wants to excel in life and earn more and more to make his family live with more comforts. Elder cousin of Ishaan who like ...

Moon Banerjee
Moon Banerjee

as: Panna

She is Shailja’s daughter (Married and stays with her husband). Frequent visitors to her maayeka(her parents' house) and she is proud of her husband who works for a multinational company and earns ...

Mahesh Thakur
Mahesh Thakur

as: Kamal Kishore Bajpai

A kind and loving father, Kamal Kishore Bajpai has lovingly raised his daughters Suhana and Sunehri after his wife’s death. He could never see his children sad and has thus showered them with ...

Jayati Bhatia
Jayati Bhatia

as: Manju Aunty

Kashyap parivaar's hilarious neighbour who has a daughter who she refers to as Beautiful Babli.

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