Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi

Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi

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Archieving RKB Section?

pencil Ambrosia   stackexchange 4   eye 2747

Ambrosia 4 2747 14 years ago Mitesh.P
vitamin for RKB's fans

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ekfy 2 1785 14 years ago akashnanda
Ratan Rajput's new serial!

pencil realitybites   stackexchange 1   eye 5010

Ratan Rajput

realitybites 1 5010 14 years ago saylithegreat
Has everyone left !!!

pencil shanti05   stackexchange 18   eye 3899

shanti05 18 3899 14 years ago riya_007
Last Episode!!

pencil shanti05   stackexchange 4   eye 8529

shanti05 4 8529 14 years ago Sharmii
is it possible

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hanna_montana 1 1461 14 years ago Ambrosia
12th Feb Last Update:Raunak Had Cancer

pencil jyoti06   stackexchange 19   eye 8618

jyoti06 19 8618 14 years ago rekha02
When will we see Apu again !!!

pencil shanti05   stackexchange 4   eye 1924

shanti05 4 1924 14 years ago shanti05

pencil Teeya   stackexchange 3   eye 1644

Teeya 3 1644 14 years ago shanti05
Ammu selling hair oil on RKB

pencil minniemau   stackexchange 3   eye 2243

minniemau 3 2243 14 years ago d.y.


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Mona Wasu
Mona Wasu

as: Rohini Sharma

Being the eldest daughter, she takes the responsibility of taking care of her family on her shoulders. An aspiring fashion designer, her primary aim is to find a job, become established and renowned ...

Vivek Madan
Vivek Madan

as: Aniruddh

He is a part of the Student Council of the College joined by Ragini & Ruchi. A very good student, confident, encouraging & sympathetic who is the first one to help Ruchi when she faces trouble getting ...

Supriya Pilgaonkar
Supriya Pilgaonkar

as: Radhaa Sharma

Radhaa Sharma, the matriarch of the family has single handedly brought up her three daughters instilling in them the right values and principles. She is the focal point of the family and binds them ...

Abhimaan Balhara
Abhimaan Balhara

as: Aditya

He is a rich, spoilt Mumbai brat. He instantly antagonizes Ruchi when he makes fun of her as she gets scared of his dogs. Little does she know that he is her senior in College & she will constantly ...

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