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Life goes by fast, if you don’t spend it with your family it is a waste: Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan shares how juggling between work and spending time the family is really important.


Being a part of the Bollywood industry has never been easy, especially now when the lines between the entertainment medium have blurred. Actor Saif Ali Khan, who has impressed the audience with his versatile acting, has been juggling with many ongoing projects. The actor along with working for a web-series will make his television debut as a narrator on the show Kahan Hum Kahan Tum.

He was also in the headlines as he was holidaying with his wife Kareena Kapoor Khan and son Taimur Ali Khan in Tuscany. The family's beautiful pictures went viral all over social media. 

Courtesy : Instagram

Courtesy : Instagram

Courtesy : Instagram

In a recent interview with Bombay Times, Saif talked about how he misses family time due to busy work schedule. He said, “When I come home after work and find Taimur sleeping, I feel bad. We shoot long hours, but if I haven’t packed up even after 8 pm, I feel uncomfortable because it means taking away time from my son. 

"In my growing-up years, my parents taught me about the importance of respecting family space. My father (Mansoor Ali Khan Pitaudi) was a cricketer and mother (Sharmila Tagore) is an actress, and they both had hectic schedules. However, we learnt that it is important to talk about other things, too, at home and that’s how life becomes beautiful.”

Courtesy : Instagram

Courtesy : Instagram

Saif also shared as to how he feels that people don't really know about the hard word that actors put in. “Behind our outwardly glamorous lives, there is a long list of missed birthdays, anniversaries, and new year holidays. In that sense, working on TV is harder and more intense than doing a film. Life goes on pretty fast and time flies. And I really feel that if you can’t spend time with family and loved ones it is really a waste," he added.

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