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Leap Versus Reincarnation

A tete-a-tete talk with Indraneil Sengupta about reincarnation and leaps.

Published: Tuesday,May 29, 2007 15:48 PM GMT-06:00
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Why do TRPs soar higher with 20 year leaps yet dip or do not change when a theme such as reincarnation is introduced?

When TRPs begin climbing down the charts, the producers think it's time for a leap, to lure audiences into their twisted tales again. That's the mantra of Television shows and producers these days. And why not, as most of the "Leaps" have indeed infused fresh blood into their shows and sent the TRPs sky rocketing. Reincarnations, which are highly popular in Bollywood - Karan Arjun, Karz and Madhumati - don't seem to be as popular in the tinselworld. Television has experimented with reincarnation stories, like Aaj bhi Ateet and Pyaar ke do naam, but they have failed to entice our daily coach potatoes.

As shows reach millions of homes daily they do begin to stagnate quite early while leaps provide them with a way to adopt a totally new scenario, story, sets and actors. This is almost the same with the reincarnation theme, yet, why is it not accepted by the majority daily telly audiences? Let's try and go behind the curtains and find out what this is all about. As both themes, leaps and reincarnations, are always at loggerheads, one has seen the pinnacle of success, while the other has been eluded by it.

To discuss more on this topic, we have an actor here who was a part of show which was based on reincarnation and now is the heartthrob of millions. Yes, your guess is as good as mine. We have "Shayam" of Pyaar Ke Do Naam with us, who is currently playing "Tusshar" in Banoo Mein Teri Dulhann. So let's welcome the very handsome, suave and irresistible Indraneil Sengupta.

you believe in Reincarnation? If yes/no why?

No I personally don’t belive in reincarnation. I feel we have one life and we should enjoy that to the fullest.

So how come you played a character that you don’t believe in?

Well as an actor, my job is to get the conviction in that role so that ppl believe in it.It was a challenge for me to play that character very convincingly. It is not important as an actor whether I believe in that character or not..the imp fact is that I should play that role convincingly. That’s a real test. When I chooses to direct I would do something that I believe in but as an actor my job is to play the character convincingly or not.

Why do you think Television shows based on reincarnation doesn’t work while on silver screen they do? Any specific reason?

First of all I don’t agree that serial didn’t work. It did. But even in Bollywood there are movies on reincarnation that has not worked. But Movies have an edge in a way that they try to show everything in three hours but in the serials that goes for months and months what new thing will they be able to show it to people. They tried inventing new characters all the time but eventually two lovers meet and die. So it was getting boring.

Would you do like to be a part of a show where leap in future is inevitable?

Well I will play a character in the leap but I would not be part of leap. I don’t want to be seen with grey hair at this stage of my life. But if there is a new character in the leap I will go for it.

Movies like Hum Apke Hain Kaun started "family drama" trend in serials, but now more realistic movies are being made. Will this change the current scenario of small screen?

Yeah, suddenly in Bollywood, realistic movies are doing really well and I would definitely want that television should also start doing that. Because I am sure as a young man I will not watch the current serials that are being aired on television.

Well, currently the television is mostly watched by the housewife who after days hard work would want to sit back and relax and they watch television. The working class professionals will not watch the current serials. As an individual, I do not relate to any of these serials, but professionally as an actor I would do what I got to do.

Brief us about the role you are currently potraying in Dulhan?

I don’t believe in the Tusshar character. He is too good to be true. Everyone has grey shades to them. Tusshar is a friend of saagar during college days. But now when he comes to meet him he sees saagar living in the mental asylum. He find Vidya very sweet and really wants to reunite saagar and vidya. He currently does not know that household members wants Vidya to leave Saagar so that they can capture the whole property. His current aim is to reunite Saagar and Vidya.

So will Tusshar fall in love with Vidya?

Well that is something that you should wait and watch (laughs)

As we all know that you have signed a movie. So will you bid adieu to the small screen?

Haven't thought about it, unless i really get into films big time, i guess i will be very much open to television so as of now, i don't see myself leaving small screen.

As a member of IF, which section do you usually visit? And are there any remarks or comments that you would like to mention ?

Well, India-Forums is doing a great job and I regularly surf I-F. I visit Pyar Ke Do Naam, Dulhan and at times Doli Saaja Ke. I would really like to thank two I-F members Nishtha and Tania for making two wonderful websites for me. It is cause of their effort that Pyar Ke Do Naam forum is still active and I would really appreciate if its always active cause that was my first show and I am really attached to it. Thank you I-F. At times we also don’t have pictures that you people have. We download it from India-Forums.

This is Indraneil for you a guy who is very hard to convince yet very humble, sweet and enduring truely a "Deadly Combination" and there is no reason to fret or panic as he will be there at both the screen to entertain us,hope you all had enjoyed this talk as much as we did,but question remained the same Is Leap has an uper hand on reincarnation? The obvious answer would be Yes!and we have stats to show that, until then next time keep visiting Tell buzz--its Buzzing already!

Reporter : kirtib
Author: Nishtha (PM nishtha)

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Leena @jigglypuff726 16 years ago cute article. hehe.. his reply when asked if tusshar would fall in lovw with vidya is both cheeky & vague.

since i'm a TV fan, i'll take that as a 'yes'. hey nishu, next time ask him to come by the Dulhann forum too. :D
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