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Latest Elimination on Perfect Bride

This time it’s a boy who is eliminated on Star Plus’ Perfect Bride…

Published: Friday,Nov 27, 2009 15:22 PM GMT-07:00
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Latest Elimination on Perfect Bride
Star Plus' Perfect Bride featured the elimination of a boy aka kunwar this week…

According to our source, "Twenty three years old Yashdeep Nain has been ousted this week."

The source adds, "Many controversies took place between Yashdeep and Gurpreet. Gurpreet was eliminated and later came in through wild-card. But her return did not result into any confrontation between her and Yashdeep."

The source goes on, "This week Bride of the week was Rumpa and in the bottom two were Vivek and Yashdeep. Ultimately Rumpa voted out Yashdeep as she has no girl left for her choice. Priyanka is paired opposite Rajbeer and Rumpa with Hitesh."

Now the guys in the show are Vivek, Rajbeer and Hitesh.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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smh_rakib @smh_rakib 13 years ago i told u one think i saw this show every day and Sudhesh Rani was big big bustard she should kick out of the show she can't mother of the week....and i m saying again she and her son they both r big bustard
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prishe @prishe 14 years ago hitesh is veru bad boy he does not like pooja he flrting pooja mera dil chata hai k hitesh ko itna maro k us ko smj a jaye what is love rupa us k liye ni thek .
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salinkumar @salinkumar 14 years ago When will this get over it is now getting on my nerves ,,i have nightmares of sudhesh Rani..HELP ME .. starplus please get someone amrried and end the show
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safeenafarheen @safeenafarheen 14 years ago 24.

i dont think yash mom has a heart she is a stubborn woman even on the stage lookt at his mother face ,she is looking like a strict teacher and she tried to be like a "god" even GOD forgives human beings but what yash mom did ,she was the first one who behaved very badely and she is the responsible for destroying gur ,when gur came in the show she was full of life,happy confident and very sweet but yash's mom broke her heart, image with her hatred,inner personality who loved yash sincerely but she does't care for gur feelings and show her igonrance ,she is dominant woman,she called her as a daughter,my foot,how can she know the meaning of daughter she has no daughter ,she can never feel that pain what she has given to gur ,no mother can give such a pain to her daughter ,with her love she can change and bring better personality in gur,but she did a sin to that girl now she is in the show for nothing she has no one to talk about love ,care support which can give strength ,she need someone who can care her and she will be totally change as she has become now, yash is the most stupid person who is egoistic just like his mother ,he is so immature i have no words to say,she brought her son for marriage but i dont think he knows what the meanings of marriage ,he should show a manhood who stands for his love with respect but he just knows where to go only when his mom gives him permission going on dates with no motives ,with those girl who he mentioned not capable for being his partner in the start but then going only because his mother wanted,what a shame u botnh mother and son got from this show,gur maintain her dignity and her love for u and she did't go for anyone ,shame on u ,in this world to find a true love,it is so hard and she was ready to even change herslef for ur love ,she is just 21 how you are hoping from her to be like 27 years old like priya who knows how to play politice,gur is not bad at all ,her only mistake is she says what sh...
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roxico @roxico 14 years ago hitesh n us ki maan dey both r notanki drama baher karo inhe kia admi hai yarr bari jaldi party badalta hai:@
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rinkyyy. @-Rinki- 14 years ago Poor Fellow man :(
I felt Vivek shud have been out!

The time from when Nandita has been eliminated...Vivek is like....=(
& Am happy that Priyanka and Rajbeer will be paired once again!!~:)
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zanish_k @zanish_k 14 years ago i think its time to good bye vivekh more than yash
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Masakalli @Masakalli 14 years ago yash deserves someone much better than gurpreet. gurpreet is immature, selfish and rude and i think yash's mom made a good decision not to accept her.
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zici72 @zici72 14 years ago Hitesh and his Mom came to only make money and name for them but all over the world people know that that Mon is Hitler and the SON is Raj Tackray
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Sara @stephhh 14 years ago i want hitesh to get out from this show but am happy that yash baby has gone...duhhh...
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