Kasturi shifts to evening band..

After the announcement of Bidaai becoming one hour daily, Balaji's prime time show Kasturi has been brought to an early evening time slot...

Due to the huge success and popularity of the currently number one show, Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai, the channel heads of Star Plus and Producer Rajan Shahi came to a mutual agreement of extending its time slot. Telly Buzz also reported that the timings of Kasturi would be changing.

A reliable source now informs us that the timings of Kasturi are indeed changing and the show is being shifted to the evening band.

Confirming the news, Mr. Keertan Adhyantaya, General Manager, EVP, Star Plus says, "Yes, the time of Kasturi's telecast has been changed. The show will now be shown at 6.30 pm evening band."

We also contacted Shubhangi Atre to know more, but the actress was surprised at hearing the news as she responds, "I really had no idea that the telecast time of Kastui was changing. I have been on the show from day one and I really think the show has great potential. But, if the channel has decided to change the timings, then what can we say about it?"

When asked about the reason for change in timings, Nivedita Basu, Creative Head, Balaji Telefilms, avers, "It's true that the timings of Kasturi has been changed. But I am unaware of why it has been shifted to the evening band. I think the only person who can answer that question the best is Ekta Kapoor."

Could it perhaps be the growing popularity of Bidaai and decreasing TRPs of Kasturi that prompted the time changes? We'll let you be the judge of it

Reporter: Rachana Trivedi, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Ekta Kapoor

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ya u rite no one likes to b called a bad boy

16 years ago

Bidai going to be 1 hour? Is it actually necessary? too much of anything is bad for health I think :) be it Bidai or anything else for that matter...

15 years ago

tis s not fair....yaar i agree bidaai is goin well bt why so importance to t...ekta should be ashamed of t....kasturi was goin welll ....whn she separated roka .....she(ekta) gone mad...also nw kdhmd she closed prem...so let bidaai start frm 8:30 nd end at 10:00pm..it will be nice..

15 years ago

yea u guys r right ekta ruined our roka jodi but its so unfair y we suffer from bidaai i dun watch it nad y dey overtaking kasturi slot so unfair

15 years ago

ya ekta deserves it
just shame on her part
she ruined all her best serials
now she is trying to ruin kis desh oh great

15 years ago

wow gr8888 news,bidaai i s my fav serial

15 years ago

thanks... i'm just glad bidaai is now one hour long!!!

15 years ago

hmm maybe cause theres no robbie-kasturi to watch /*

15 years ago

woah!! interesting!! lolll my mum will be happy..she loves biddai

15 years ago

I find Bidaai much better than Kasturi now after she ruined Robbie and Kasturi's on-screen jodi....

15 years ago

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