Karan Johar Party Controversy: TV actors react on the issue; Ask where are the drugs

A recent video uploaded by Karan Johar of a party at his place created quite a stir...

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A recent video uploaded by Karan Johar of a party at his place seems to have created quite a stir when an MLA accused the actors in the video of consuming drugs. Here is what TV actors have to say about this accusation.

Anupama Solanki:

Anupama Solanki

I have seen that video and after watching that video I felt that they don’t deserve this treatment, because I cannot see drugs anywhere. See I am also in that radar but it doesn’t mean that I will support the wrong thing or the wrong people. Everyone has the right to do what they want but as a public figure, you have more responsibility. I will not support anything that is related to drugs.


Avinash Mishra:

Avinash Mishra

We all know that everyone there was 18+ and they all are public figures and they do know their responsibilities. Looking at the video shared by Mr Karan Johar, I can’t see anything wrong. As they were in their private space and having fun with their colleagues, they were not doing anything wrong and definitely not sending any bad messages in society.

Reyaansh Vir Chadha:

Reyaansh Vir Chadha

Where in the video is it shown that they are using drugs? I couldn't see it. Just because they are looking high, doesn’t mean they are high on drugs. It’s a private party, how can he comment on someone’s privacy. It’s not that they are sitting in some public place and setting an example. Yes, being a celebrity one has the responsibility to set a right example but in this case, I honestly see no drugs in the video.

Rahuol Lohani:

Rahuol Lohani

I think a recent post by Karan Johar and accusation by MLA is a difficult question to answer. When you do anything in public people are going to scrutinize it, put a scanner on it. When an intimate thing comes out it public it becomes questionable. There's no proof that drugs were being done there. If there was anything wrong why would Karan Johar put it on a social media? Everyone has their own right to do whatever they want, it's their personal choice. Yes, public figures smoke and they have to be careful that it should not be done publicly as fans look up to them and try to follow them. 


Subuhi Joshi:

Subuhi Joshi

People consider every celeb as their private property and they think they have every right to peek into every aspect of their life. That's exactly what happened in Karan Johar's case. He had posted a video of a get-together where everyone was just chilling and having their own time. The MLA who has accused actors to be under the influence of ‘drugs’ was neither present there nor did he know them. I am surprised that just by watching a simple video how could he comment so irresponsibly? In my opinion, we celebs can also have our ‘me’ time with our close pals and have some fun together. That is not bad at all. Celebs know this very well that they are into people’s scanner 24 hrs so they behave quite wisely and use their conscience while doing anything. It's ethically, morally and legally wrong to put any baseless accusations.


Rehaan Roy:

Rehaan Roy

First of all, it was a private party and everyone present in the video were adults. Whatever they were doing, that’s their choice. However, I don’t support the consumption of drugs in any way. But I have seen the video and I really have no clue on which ground they are being accused of drug consumption? Has anyone seen them snotting or having any kind of drugs in the video? Then how can someone accuse them? I understand they are public figures, but that does not mean anyone can talk anything about them. This is utter foolishness.

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Well said to everyone...people think it is easy to take digs at people just because they are celebrities

4 years ago

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