Kangana Sticks up to Five (5)!

The Buzz is that Kangana has gone superstitious with Numerology...

Just when you thought that Ekta and Karan Johar had overcome their letter K superstition, there is a new entrant to believe in superstitions. It's none other than Raaz girl, Kangana Ranaut who has taken a liking to numerology. Kangana believes in the number 5 (Five) so strongly that her entire world now revolves around it. She meets prospective producers & directors only on dates that add up to five (5). However it doesn't end here, the time of these meetings also has to add up to 5! In case the producers & directors express inconvenience then much to their chagrin, Kangana recalculates and suggests alternatives but the 5 stays.

The only one to be excluded from the power of 5 is boyfriend Adhyayan Suman, now who can bind love? 

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Karan Johar

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Adhyayan Suman

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Kangana Ranaut

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