Kangana Ranaut luscious locks have a lesson for every girl with curls

Let this daring dame's mane game help you tame your unruly hair

Kangana Ranaut faux bob

It is indeed true that everyone wants the opposite of what they already have. And we can’t blame them, because they are being their human best. However, there is something called as contentment, the key to happiness. And when we implement this in the vanity department, it translates into embracing what we have and whatever we have. 

So today, as the queen of curly locks, Kangana celebrates one more year of her awesomeness, we look at how she has made the most of her manes to become every curly haired girls daring dame!

Side parted chic

As most straight hair girls can sport beachy waves, tight curls as well as poker straight hair, the choices become very limited for girls with curls but a little change in the parting can make a lot of difference in the way she looks. Think parting your hair opposite to then you are used to.

Kangana Ranaut side parted hair

Centre parted simple

A classic needs no introduction. We’ve done it every time our hair have not found the right side or may have been our choice on a lazy day. And most often than not found it look flattering!

Kangana Ranaut centre parted hair

Hey high-do

Hair style in need is a trend indeed! Because it is your go to way to gather up that storm you wake up with on your scalp. 

Kangana Ranaut highdo

Default hairstyle

A mane game, women will keep going back to no matter what the kind of hair texture they born with. Rock a ponytail right at the crown, centre or low, it will be the easiest way to have any strays coming in your way.


Faux Bob

Every now and again, women wish to sport a bob. This mostly comes from the desire to try something different. Chopping your hair may just come across as a long term commitment, while having your hair coiffed in a way they look like a bob could be a quick and easy fix to that craving!

faux bob

Tame those manes

A curly hair girl’s way to sleek hair can be achieved with a potent fixer. Use your man’s gel or get yourself a strong hair spray to tame those manes. 

sleek hairstyles for curly hair girls

Ever since we are little, girls are brought up to fit the beauty standards of the society. Hair is pretty much the centre of all these societal beauty norms. However, our style desk believes in embracing our natural self. Making the most of what we have and celebrating every inch of it. Be your hair curly, straight, long, strong or thin and frail, there are zillion ways to play with it. All you got to do is find your beat. And who better than birthday girl Kangana Ranaut to turn to for some inspiration. 

How are you styling your curled locks today? Let us know your answers in the comments below....

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