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Kamya gives daughter a mythical name!

Kamya Punjabi’s motherly concern as well as her crave for exclusiveness, got her daughter a rare but fabulous name!

Published: Friday,Oct 16, 2009 14:14 PM GMT-06:00
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We had recently reported that Kamya Punjabi delivered a baby girl. We talked to the new mother to know more about her bundle of joy.

Kamya gives daughter a mythical name!
Says Kamya, "Her name is Aara which means - The myth." When asked whether there were any specific reasons for her to choose the name Kamya replied, "I wanted to give her a name that just wasn't common…never heard of. Oh, and I also wanted to give my daughter a name that people could never mess with. You know…shorten it and try to create their own versions of a nickname. My name many times becomes Kammo or Kamy. I didn't want that to happen to my daughter."

So was it Kamya who searched for this unique name? "No," says Kamya, "It was my husband who did the scouting for the names. This was the second name he told me and I told him to stop the search then and there."

Kamya can't get enough of Aara as she says, "Oh! I'm with her the whole time in my bedroom. I'm just either feeding her or cleaning her up…she takes up my entire day. I never know when the day comes to an end."

According to Kamya, Aara is one of the luckiest daughters in the world. She says, "My husband was always wishing from day one for the baby to be a girl. And if you look at Aara, even at this stage, it's pretty obvious that she looks absolutely like her father. So my husband is one happy man, 'cause he's got a daughter plus she looks very much like him! He can never tire of pampering her!"

Kamya can't even think of returning to work right now. She says, "The other day I got a call with some offer. I said –please! Not now. Let me spend time with my child," she adds, "At least for the next six months I'm not even gonna glance towards work's direction. After that too it depends on the situation. Because if you see the present state, then I don't trust anyone with my child!"

We wish Kamya and Aara happy bonding!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose
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Kiran @KiranSD1 14 years ago sweet name but i thought of a nickname : ary LOL
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Arooj_007 @Arooj_007 14 years ago Awww...that is a lovely name! I am so happy for Kamya and congrats to her for a baby girl! Becoming a mother is one of the greatest joys a woman can experience and i am so glad that Kamya is enjoying it :D
Though I might have had my issues with Sindoora "ahem", I have learned to respect and admire Kamya quite a bit as a person...recently! Lol! I am sure she is a wonderful mother! My best wishes to you and your daughter Kamya!
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Madalina @MadhuraSDLuv 14 years ago good luck with your daughter Kamya and don't forget you're beautifull
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Marya @Mazzy101 14 years ago thats indeed a unique name, havnt heard it b4! its nice and its also nce tht she wants to spend time with her daughter!
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Dhara Singh @Dhara_s 14 years ago Nice name...!!!

Can some one tell me something about her hubby ...???
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Shaina_b @Shaina_b 14 years ago Unusual name and short too!!!Its nice!!!!

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CrazyChatterbox @CrazyChatterbox 14 years ago i'm glad kamya resolved all the past differences with her hubby and got back wit him.. and see... she cannot be more happier
aara is a wonderful name by the way...
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dimpy_lovely @dimpy_lovely 14 years ago congrats
tk care of ur baby
i hope u come soon on screen.....
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ayushi @Ayushi_78 14 years ago Thnx a lot

Unique name.

All d best.
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Maryam @-Precious 14 years ago Nyc name but people may still tamper with it
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