Its time to NACH Again!

Nach Baliye is Back for its third season! Meet the 10 Scintillating Jodis who will set the stage on fire!

The first and second seasons of Nach Baliye have been enormous and the third season is all set to begin now. Its again time to Nach and the stage is set for the nation to get hooked to this 3rd great carnival of excitement, energy and exuberance!

The suspense and specualation over the Jodis of NB3 is now rested and here is Telly Buzz giving you a listing of this year's Nach Baliye Jodis.. Cling on to your seats as the 10 Jodis get revealed, right here....

Jodi No. 1: Shweta Keswani and Alex O' Neil
Jodi No. 2: Karan Patel and Amita Chandekar
Jodi No. 3: Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek Awasthi
Jodi No. 4: Shakti Kapoor and Shivangi Kapoor
Jodi No. 5: Vikas Sethi and Amita Sethi
Jodi No. 6: Karan Grover and Kavita Kaushik
Jodi No. 7: Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh
Jodi No. 8: Kashmira Shah and Krishna Abhishek
Jodi No. 9: Kiran Janjani and Ritu Janjani
Jodi No. 10: Pooja Bedi and Hanif Hilal

In its third year running, Nach Baliye can only get Bigger and Better. Watch this space as Telly Buzz will soon get you Exclusive pictures and quotes from the 10 Rocking Jodis of Nach Baliye 3.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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Pooja Bedi Thumbnail

Pooja Bedi

Rakhi Sawant Thumbnail

Rakhi Sawant

Shakti Kapoor Thumbnail

Shakti Kapoor

Karan V Grover Thumbnail

Karan V Grover

Karan Patel Thumbnail

Karan Patel

Kashmira Shah Thumbnail

Kashmira Shah

Kavita Kaushik Thumbnail

Kavita Kaushik

Vikas Sethi Thumbnail

Vikas Sethi

Amita Chandekar Thumbnail

Amita Chandekar

Shweta Keswani Thumbnail

Shweta Keswani

Sanjeeda Shaikh Thumbnail

Sanjeeda Shaikh

shweta Thumbnail


A Shah Thumbnail

A Shah

Kiran Janjani Thumbnail

Kiran Janjani

Comments (59)

Hiii Rockstar Karan Patel love u...


10 years ago


great article...I am sooo excited!

16 years ago

cant wait for it 2 start love NB ... does any one know when it will start ??

16 years ago

Amir n sajeeda make a gud pair...but tha best dancers r definitely Rakhi Sawant n Abhishek!

16 years ago

Looking forward to c, Karan-Kavita and Aamir-Sanjeeda, they seem to be good dancer.



16 years ago

Thankx...I don't know much abt. other jodi's but I think Rakhi & Abhishek will def. rock the show....Aamir & Sanjeeda's jodi is the cutest one.

16 years ago

lol.. I'm not familiar with any of those... Except Rakhi Sawant :) but I'm very excited

16 years ago

omg thats great i luv this show so when will the show be airig

16 years ago

This time its not only television but small time actors from Bollywood also.. Having Rakhi, Shweta and Kashmira will be a disadvantage to other jodis coz they are v good dancers!!

16 years ago

wow! this will be a rocking NB!!
can't wait

16 years ago

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