'It was superb working with Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui'

Says Shruti Bapna who was seen in the most acclaimed movie 'The Lunchbox'. The actress is very much looking forward to work in films as she has two films lined up in her kitty.

TellyBuzz got in touch with the talented actress Shruti Bapna who has done many shows on television like Chhanchhan, Saas Bina Sasural, Bure Bhi Hum Bhalle Bhi Hum and many more, is now seen in movies too. Her recent movie was 'The Lunchbox' which was a super hit movie. She was paired opposite the versatile actor of Bollywood namely Nawazuddin Siddiqui and also got to work with her dream actor Irrfan Khan.

On the same we got in touch with Shruti Bapna to know about her experience working in a movie, her upcoming projects both in films and television and much more...

An elated Shruti shares, "I think it is one memorable moment in my life to have done the movie 'The Lunchbox', that too along with the finest actors of Bollywood namely Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. It was a superb experience working with such talented actors. I was totally mesmerized working with them."

It was a dream come true for Shruti to share a screen space with Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, "From the time I have seen Irrfan Khan and then later Nawazuddin Siddiqui, I wanted to work with both of them. It was a dream to work with them and luckily it got fulfilled very soon."

Further she elaborated saying, "I just had some two scenes, in the movie 'The Lunchbox', but they were crafted so well that they were among the important scenes of the movie. After watching my performance which was a cameo, people are calling me up and appreciating my work and I am very honored to receive compliments for my work. I wish to work on a larger scale after doing this movie."

She shares about her upcoming projects on television and in movies, "My upcoming project includes both television and movies. I am doing the Balaji Telefilms upcoming show 'Tera Mera Rishta Purana' on Star Plus. I also have two movies lined up which are 'War Chodna Yaar', the trailer of the movie is already out and '80,90 Pure 100' which stars Aditya Roy Kapoor."

When asked Shruti about the type of role she is looking forward to play she said, "I am looking forward to do a Patriotic show or a movie. A movie would be more interesting just like the movie 'Rang De Basanti' or some other movie where I can play a Cop or an IAS Officer."

The difference she finds working in a television soap and a movie, "Practically in a show the performances are forgotten unless you are the main lead and in a movie your performances are always remembered even if you have done a cameo. Also working in films is more relaxiing. Television is more time bound so you have to keep yourself on toes come may what. Both the mediums have its pros and cons."

Her most memorable show done by her on television, "I have been lucky enough to be a part of all the good shows, which are done by me so far. But my most memorable show so far is Burey Bhi Hum and Bhale Bhi Hum. I played the lead actress in the show. Though the show did not work for a long time but my work in that show was very much appreciated."

She knew that Chhanchhan was to end soon, yet she took up the show, "Well when I took up Chhanchhan I knew that it would end soon but that was not a problem with me. I got to play a negative role which I haven't done before. I like variety in the roles that I take up and this was one of it. I was very satisfied and happy taking up this show."

So is Shruti keen to taking up dance reality shows, "Well I am all open to taking up dance based reality shows. I love dancing and I am a trained dancer in Kathak, Salsa, Belly dancing. My mother is a dancer and she is the one who trains me. I have stayed in Nigeria for many years and my mother was a dance teacher in a school out there."

That sounds really interesting! We wish Shruti all the best for her upcoming projects.

Krishma Solanki.

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Comments (11)

I remember her in BBh...BBh ..she played Hetal...I liked that show!

10 years ago

Shruti you are a great & good actor ...you were nice in SBS & Hope to see you soon! good luck.

10 years ago

awesome movie...simply superb...must watch!!!

10 years ago

Sanya Irani Queen of acting dear dear lady you are just awesome no words can do full justice to you and your persona .God bless you

10 years ago

Good luck Shruti, you were good in SBS but you were awesome as Rupali in Chhan Chhan and I was amazes to see you in that role...shame the show didn't continue.

10 years ago

Good luck Shruti...glad to know that you got to work with talented people like Nawazuddin and Irrfan Khan. Heard really good things about "Lunch Box", looking forward to see it.

10 years ago

Oh that means Saas Bina Sasural is not in the offering now. Shruti had an important role in SBS as Nikita but seems like after Chanchan Optimystrix is rethinking its options. Was hoping for SBS season 2 but doesn't seem to be happening.

10 years ago

Loved her in Saas bina sasural...she deserves a lead role

10 years ago

All the best, Shruti ... I'm looking forward to this movie for Irfan Khan, he is a fabulous actor, and the movie has great reviews.

10 years ago

Wishing you all the best for ur future projects Shruti Bapna

10 years ago

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