Ishmeet Singh Sodi reaping the rewards of Success...

Ishmeet Singh Sodi, the Voice of India talks about his upcoming albums, the various offers that he has in his kitty and much more...

Every contestant of a reality show dreams of winning the contest to get the exclusive contract album and to be known among the millions. Similarly, with high hopes and dreams came Ishmeet Singh Sodi all the way from Ludhiana. After overcoming numerous challenges and scoring over all the other contestants, he won the coveted title of Amul Star Voice of India. He was exuberant on winning the show and he shares his experience and his future dreams in an exclusive chat with the Telly Buzz reporter, Melanie..

Winning a contest which is based on public votes is not a cake walk and it is necessary that the contestant strives to impress the audience in many ways to get their support. How does it feel to have got huge support from the audience? “It feels great. I have got a lot of support from people not only from our country but also abroad. And it was overwhelming to get such support”.

Ishmeet has currently released his own album. What are the other offers you have received? “The album that I have released is titled Gurbaani and it’s a Punjabi album. I was entitled to do one album but I have done two. I have got a lot of offers, some for playback but haven’t taken up any because I am a bit busy doing my main album with Star. It is a pop album. I have an offer from Lalit ji and I have even got an offer for a role in a Punjabi movie. After releasing the albums I will be recording songs in movies for Jatin and Lalit ji”, says the jubilant Ishmeet.

Now that you have got roles in movies, any plans of getting into acting? “No plans of entering Bollywood as I plan to make a mark in singing itself. But, I have got offers of endorsements which I will be taking. I have been offered to be the Brand Ambassador of Avon Cycles, a Canada - US based wireless internet company and the deals are finalized. There are many offers for Ads and will definitely be singing the jingles for the ads”.

Ishmeet has been seen doing many shows at various places. “Shows were quite good. I have performed for the Commonwealth Games with leading sports personalities. Also done various shows in Ludhiana and Chandigarh. I will be doing shows in February in Hongkong and then in Bangladesh. There is a show to be held in March in Canada. So my schedule is quite packed with shows", comes the reply.

How was the experience of meeting Dhoni? “It was a great experience. I was given the challenge of getting Dhoni on the stage and to make him sing and I cleverly got him to sing for the show”.

There were many questions raised on the context of you winning VOI based on regional votes. What do you have to say for it? “It was not region voting, all depended on the absolute number of votes we both got. There are a lot of controversies associated with the voting patterns of different reality shows and they will always be there, no matter what", is the spontaneous reply Ishmeet gives.

Who according to you should select the winner? Should it be Judges or the audience? “Well finally it is the audience that buys our CDs and even if the judges do select us to be in the panel of singers, it is ultimately the decision of the audience. If the audience doesn’t like the singer they will definitely knock him out of the show”.

Ishmeet is still in contact with all his friends of Star Voice of India and is also constantly following the junior version of the show, Chhote Ustaad. “The kids on hhote Ustaad are amazing. The level of singers is way beyond all the other singers”, says Ishmeet..

Reporter: Melanie
Author: Anu. Rad

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I think he is not managing his career in rt way

16 years ago

Wow, he's doing awesome! Good for him. Keep rawk'in dude... Chak de phatte!


16 years ago

Even though i aint a Punjabi from India..but i am a Punjabi from Pakistan....I would just say Chak De Ishmeet..U are THE BEST!

16 years ago

I'm so happy for him!!! He made us all punjabi proud of him! Way to go Ishmeet!!!!!!!!!

16 years ago

Ishmeet!!We are with you!!!
May God bless you!!
May your life fill with happiness and joyfull.....!!

16 years ago

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