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Irritated Arbaaz Khan Pounces on Media for questioning his marriage plans! Asks, "Don't you get tired?"

Arbaaz Khan split with Malaika Arora has raise a plethora of questions about his marriage plans with Giorgia Andriani. In a recent interview, irritated Arbaaz spoke at great length about his and brother Salman's marriage. Read below for more details...


Arbaaz Khan and Giorgia Andriani's relationship has been a talk of the town and somehow people make sure they don't stop gossiping about their marriage plans. At times repeating the same answers again equally annoying and this time Arbaaz not only got irritated but he also pounced the media for asking the same question.

There seems to be no end to the rumours and speculations about his marriage plans with Giorgia and it seems to be the same case with big brother Salman Khan. The actor-turned-producer was recently asked about his marriage plans with his girlfriend, Giorgia Andriani.  

Talking to the Economic Times, Arbaaz clearly seemed irked about the question and he finally burst out a spat of anger asking why don't people get tired of asking this question. 

Responding to questions about his marriage plans, Arbaaz said, 

I was asked this 'there were sources which said that you guys are getting married', I said, 'which sources and what sources? Has my father said that? Has my mother said? Has my brother said, has my sister said? Have some of my closest friends said? Have I said that? What is that source? Just because you want an answer from me, you are going to turn around and tell me that a source has said this. You want to know and I don't want to answer that question because I don't have an answer to that question. When I am dating somebody, I really don't know where is that going to go. Am I happy in the scenario that I am in right now? Yes, I am very happy. Am I dating Giorgia? Yes, I am dating Giorgia. That I can admit because that's foolish for me not to admit. But, as far as the question of whether or not I am going to, who knows? And why should I say it even if I know? When it happens, you will get the invite or I'll announce it.

- Arbaaz Khan

Currently, Salman has been sailing the same boat since years now and there seems to be no marriage plans in his schedule. The actor has been a eligible bachelor for quite some time now and apart from that he his films have been grabbing huge sums at the box office. 

Arbaaz shifted the topic and pounced at the questions related to big brother's marriage. 

Talking about the marriage plans he said, "People have spent their entire lives wanting to know what's going to happen to this man and when is his marriage? I mean, listen don't you get tired? The day he (Salman) wants to get married, he himself will announce that he's getting married."


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