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Interview with 'Chunnilal' of Dev D

"As a director Anurag is very vibrant, energetic, creative, and spontaneous. He is very flexible and does not mind last minute changes."

Published: Thursday,Mar 05, 2009 17:14 PM GMT-07:00
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Debyendu Bhattacharya Chunni of DEV D claim to fame is Dev D gets Debu candid ....
Interview with Chunnilal of Dev D


Dev D has been a good success at box-office did you ever expected that

Dev D was a good film and people watched it but the box-office collection that the film got was not expected. Anurag has always been making unique films like 'Black Friday', 'No Smoking' and currently his upcoming film 'Gulaal' hope even that fares well.

 How was it playing the role of Chunnilal in Dev D as compare to Devdas

Devdas has been an epic novel; it has been from ages and eras and is known to everyone. Playing a pivotal character like Chunnilal that has been earlier played by actors like Motilal and Jackie Shroff was challenging but by the end of the day its my profession and I have to do justice to my role as Chunni in Dev D. So it was great.

 Given a choice Dev D or Devdas what will you choose? why  

In Dev D Chunni is like a device, no one knows about him, he is a mid-night cub, a positive catalyst. This Chunni is very stylized, wearing sun glasses, vibrant colours outfit as compare to traditional Chunni. And I get a chance to play Chunnilal from Devdas , I will like to play even that because being an actor its nice to play all possible characters.

Apart from films you have also done television soaps and theatres so are you still open  to it or at present its just films

I am open to any good art; it may be any kind of cinema, T.V. series, and theatres of course. I am not fussy about doing a particular thing only, but whatever I do has to be substantial enough for me to do it.

You have also directed some plays so any plans for direction

Yes I do have plans for direction and have written few stories too. But that is again a different process you have to meet producers and get your script finalized. I am still working on stories.
Well I will like to direct any kind of film a hard core musical, or psychological thriller or political thriller. Whatever I will direct will be something that I will accept with whole dedication.

You have worked with Anurag before in Black Friday and again in Dev D how you see him as a director

As a director Anurag is very vibrant, energetic, creative, and spontaneous. He is very flexible and does not mind last minute changes. Also he is good friend of mine and its fun working with him. Its like a balanced professional and personal relationship while we work its just work and while we have fun its just fun.

What is next for you

 At present there are two films with me 'The Soul of Sand' in hindi its known as 'Pairo Taley'. The film has won Hubart Bals Fund Award. It is directed by Siddharth Srinivasan. This film is based on conflicts between the areas of national capital region and rural areas. I play lead in the film and all others are new comers. Another one is Nikhil Bhatt's 'Saloon'

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