Indraneil and Barkha, madly in Love!

Barkha Bisht talks about her love life, about her Baliye Neil and much more...

Nach Baliye Jodi No. 11 Indraneil Sengupta & Barkha Bisht are a couple in love and we could easily see that chemistry in their very first performance. Barkha says that they both really love this reality show, but could not enter earlier as Indraneil had some date problems with his film.

Tellybuzz caught up with Barkha during her rehearsals to find out what makes their love tick.

How did you guy's meet?

We met on the sets of Pyar Ke Do Naam. It was not love at sight, if that's what you mean. We both took our own sweet time to commit to each other.

How did he propose ?

I only believe in formal proposal for marriage, hence I am still waiting for that lovely day.

What does love mean to you?

Everything that Neil ( Indraneil) does and stands for is love for me.

Your views on entering Nach Baliye along with him?

It's great. We will get to spend quality time with each other. Neil is not a dancer and he has entered just to make me smile. The poor guy rehearses for 8/10 hours a day, as he does not want people to talk bad about our performance. What more can I ask for?

Any trait of Indraneil that you love the most?

His ability to make me happy.

Is there anything that you would want to change in him?

No, I like him the way he is.

If you do win, where will he take you on a vacation?

Actually it's the other way around. I have promised to take him to Switzerland, irrespective of whether we win or loose.

Does he cook for you?

Thank God, No! On second thought, some times he does make rice.

Would you guys enter into a live-in relationship?

No, for once you get married after living in, there is no fun left in the relation. Been there done that, you know what I mean.

Author: Anil Merani

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Indraneil Sengupta

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Barkha Bisht Sengupta

Comments (21)

love you Indraneil Sengupta , happy that you're happily married now .

10 years ago

aaawww sooo cute answers by barkha about neil...
barkha n neil simply rock it...
wish to see them together again

12 years ago

hey guys do u know....before this..barkha loved arman of dil mil gaye(i dun remember real name of armaan) 2 or 3 years ago i watch da on zoom channel,interview of barkha n armaan...they said they were in love.i think they had breakup now.dats y barkha is baliye of indraneil now

16 years ago

aww they look so nice together i m glad they are together

16 years ago

luv dis jodi! they luk sooo cute 2getha!
luvd PKDN 2....woz such a gd show

16 years ago

I really really love them!!!!..& have to say one thing ..sorry repeating someone..but I really mean this..

Meri dil ki dua yeh kahay..
Teri Jodi salaamat rahe

16 years ago

I really like Barkha (in Doli Saja Ke) and Indraneil (in BMTD) so can't wait to catch them together. But, yes it's bit unfair that they are coming in NB2 at this point in time. Wish they had come in NB3 instead.

16 years ago

they are hottest couple on tv love then thnxxxxxxx

16 years ago

They are such a cute couple, Neil sounds like a great boyfriend!

16 years ago

Neil looks...different in this pic!..Neil-Barkha are sooooo cuteee!..Neil is such a sweatheart!..we all know how well he dances..

16 years ago

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