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Imlie: Intense drama unfolds as Atharva finds Dhairya's phone; will Cheeni be exposed?

The viewers of Star Plus' popular show Imlie are in for a shocking twist after Atharva finding Dhairya's phone which contains evidence against Cheeni.

Published: Tuesday,Jul 04, 2023 07:57 AM GMT-06:00
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Karan Vohra and Seerat Kapoor

With a consistent position in the top 5 on the TRP charts each week, Star Plus' popular show "Imlie" has captivated audiences. The ongoing intense drama, which includes the death of Dhairya, has kept viewers intrigued. Now, we have an exciting update on the upcoming episodes.

While the viewers are aware of Cheeni's involvement in Dhairya's demise, the Rana household remains unaware. Imlie, however, suspects Atharva's hand in Dhairya's death and files a complaint against him, leading to his arrest. Nevertheless, Devika arrives at the police station and bails him out. But the twist here is that Atharva now possesses Dhairya's phone and this phone contains substantial evidence against Cheeni. The phone holds the key to exposing Cheeni, who desperately tried to destroy it in the accident but failed. The audience will be intrigued to know if Atharva can uncover Cheeni's truth from the phone or if Cheeni manages to destroy it before that happens.

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Speaking of "Imlie," the show features Megha Chakraborty and Karan Vohra in the lead roles, along with Seerat Kapoor as the antagonist. Zohaib Siddiqui, who portrayed the character of Dhairya, has recently bid farewell to the show after his character's demise.

Are you eagerly anticipating the upcoming track of "Imlie"? Let us know in the comments below!

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Satchi Rajaram
Satchi Rajaram 5 months ago Would cheeni get Karma soon ,she is hurting a lot of people
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Rosyrose @1PinkRose1 5 months ago Dhairya ko maarne ki kya jarurat thi show mein ?? Tragic childhood se lekar tragically death upar se uska unrecruited love 💔, getting immense hatred from devika and atharva unreasonably just broke my heart 😭😭😭.

Devika, Atharva aur junior Imlie ko jitni gaali 🤬🤬🤬🤬dun sab kam hai .
Reply thumbs-up 2 thumbs-down 0
Rosyrose @1PinkRose1 5 months ago A man like Atharva as a husband has never done anything good for Imlie other than cheat,betray and did all sorts of wrong things whereas Dhairya has done so much for Imlie and fullifilled his duties and responsibilities as a good son and good loyal husband ( unofficial husband) for her still Imlie never loved Dhairya just for that piece of thrash Atharva.

The love Imlie claimed for Atharva is not LOVE but is a mental disorder she is suffering that was left untreated a long ago . She seriously needs a psychological help so that she can differentiate between right and wrong !!!

But ab ilaaz ka kya fayda???? Dhairya ke selfless love ko value hi nahi diya kabhi Imlie ne . No wonder yeh Imlie itni badkismati qn hai.... Qnki yeh ladki loves to destroy herself and just super happy to be a doormat.

Senior Imlie jiske paas koi pese bhi nahi thay the time when she left Aditya 's house fir bhi usne kabhi compromise nahi kiya apni dignity ,worth ke saath jabkijunior Imlie is Rathore's heiress fir bhi itni gayi guzri hai in terms of personality.
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Fats24 @Fats24 5 months ago What was the need to kill Dhairya? I hope Imlie dumps this good for nothing Atharva. He and Cheeni are made for each other.
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Anju. @ALUJNA21 5 months ago Cheeni will never be exposed she's the real lead of the show the cowardly stupid ML keeps trusting her so why do they need to expose her?
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