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'I wish to spend a Sunday in Ladakh with friends' -Yashwant Singh

Yashwant Singh Thakur aka Chander of Star One's new show Dhoondh Legi Manzil Humein takes up the Sunday Retreat

Sunday is beautiful when: I am at home without work

A terrific Sunday: No terrific Sunday as of now

A terrible Sunday: No Terrible Sunday too

On Sundays you get up at: If it is an off then I get up at around 10, or else by 5 or 6 in the morning

On Sundays you usually have: There is nothing particular in my diet and I eat whatever I get, especially Punjabi Food

How will you plan a crazy Sunday if given a chance: A day in Ladakh with my friends

On Sundays you avoid: Working so that I can enjoy watching movies or sitting at home

A perfect plan for Sunday: Free wherein I can plan movies with my friends

A Sunday advice: Please forget work and do whatever you like

Number of Sundays you wish to have in a week: One is enough I guess

Your Sundays have always been: Working after I got into the show

Any plans for tomorrow: Nothing, as I am shooting

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan



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golddddd 9 years ago such a straight talker...what a refreshing change from other t.v actors.....brilliant actor...awesome looks...u r a great package...hope the best for your future...keep on doing great work...hope ur track continues for a long time...u r my fav.person on the show...all the best!!!!
ozzyie 9 years ago He's so simple and goodie goodie type.................
Ankita.Kashyap 9 years ago yashu..u r such a cutiepie :) luv yur actin!!
mooneyes 9 years ago nice interview
n such a talented actor

shreya28 9 years ago hez such a cutiepie ..luv him ! <3 <3
k_anjali12 9 years ago Reallyy A Talented Actor Smile
noe23 9 years ago Finally we got to know the face of Chandar. Poor guy, seems to be missing his free Sundays.
manga3 9 years ago Like him very much also he acts well.He has a very good voice.
kashmi 9 years ago u luk awesum...sunday pe reporter ko yashwant se essay likhvana tha kya? aare kuch aur toh puhchti.nxt tme plz ask sum mooore .
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