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'I wish not to renew my contract' - Vikrant Massay

Vikrant Massay, popularly known as Dharam of NDTV Imagine's Dharam Veer is unhappy that his character has been sidelined in the show... The actor now wishes to move on after his contract ends this year...

Published: Thursday,Jul 03, 2008 12:51 PM GMT-06:00
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Vikrant Massay better known as Dharam of Dharam Veer does not want to be a part of this NDTV Imagine period drama beyond this year.

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“I have told the creatives that I don’t want to renew my contract which expires at the end of the year”, quips the young lad. He is not happy with the lack of attention given to his character despite it being a lead. “I was promised a much better deal in the beginning, but as the show proceeded I was sidelined”, says Vikrant.
His frustration can be clearly seen when he says that he really does not care if the channel is trying to cash in on the name and image of Rajat Tokas. “I am quite happy even I get one scene in a single episode”, maintains the actor.

However Producer Moti Sagar denies Vikrant’s allegation saying that, “We have always given both Dharam and Veer equal importance. In fact he should be grateful to us for giving him such an important break. Had we wanted, we could have kept the name just as Veer and still brought him in”. Mr. Moti also rejected the charge of cashing in on Rajat’s name and fame. “The show is such that at times Dharam is in the forefront and at times it is Veer”, he added.

Life some how has been unfair to Vikrant for his very first show ‘Kahan Hoon Main’ which he shot for about 4 and a half years back is finally airing, but at an unearthly hour of 2 am on Star Plus. He had played an invisible guy in the ill fated show which had to be wound up in just 13 episodes instead of the stipulated 60.

Since then he has done an episodic in Don, a character role in Raaz Ki Ek Baat on DD and a parallel lead in Dhoom Machale Dhoom on Disney.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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lisalafaiya 11 years ago all of VM's fan listen we noe u guys like or love VM a lot but stll itz not RT's fault dat dey showed him a lot of times nd plz stop sayin rtmc lost the magic plz cause 2 us dey r da best couple nd u guys saying kind of hurts us, rtmc fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thnx
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ekta. 11 years ago That means the show was only about VEER...GR888888888
Sagars you must had kept the Title VEER only...RAJAT IS THE BESTEST
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
megha01 12 years ago rajat is d best...............................................
Reply thumbs-up 1 thumbs-down
sakhi1 12 years ago actually some ppl get jealous....... don't know anyway
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tikaaa 12 years ago VM is a nice guy he was grateful to RT ..No complains from him but some of his fans...oh leave it
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sakhi1 12 years ago u r right tikaa , a new comer...... that too with a hugely popular and successfull actor like RAJAT TOKAS..... vikrant massey should be grateful to RAJAT.
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tikaaa 12 years ago i watched DV because of RT .VM was lucky thats why he got parallel role in DV . Otherwise who gives such role to a new comer .
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sakhi1 12 years ago for me, i only wanted to c RAJAT & only RAJAT in DV.How i wish had vikrant massey left the show much earlier and the serial was re-started with a new title "VEER".2010-04-01 06:53:15
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prabhjotkaur 12 years ago lol
who ever posted this artical would be vikrant's fan coz he (vikarant) was angry on rajat been showed 2 much on dharam veer, but guys sagar art's also want the profit ppl like rajat that's y they showed him many times and btw vikarant's caracter was kind off weak.
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bapparis 15 years ago i was really impressed when i read this. i wish her all the best and above all protection from evil doers.
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