'I want to work for the upliftment of women in need' - Akangsha Rawat

Akangsha Rawat, who portays the perfect woman of today fighting against all odds, in Sahara One's Solhah Singaarr in an exclusive interview...

Akangsha Rawat plays Shagun, a fiery woman who fights against the regressive norms of today’s society and wins, in Solhah Singaar. In a conversation with the Telly Buzz team, Akangsha gives a gist of the future track, expresses her views on the controversial issues in the soap and shares her dreams about the future…

How is it like playing Shagun in Solhah Singaar? How do you relate to your character?

Well, the serial is complete melodrama and an issue like widow remarriage rarely takes place in our society, so it’s a little difficult for me to completely relate to the character. Also, I find it difficult to relate to her as the character is that of a typical housewife and bahu. The only way in which I can relate myself with Shagun is that our backgrounds are similar and the cause she fights for. I too come from a very small town in Uttranchal and both my grandparents are social workers and they work specially for the uplifting of widows and women in society. In the future I plan to work along with them for the same cause.

How is it like working with the cast and crew of Solhah Singaar?

I loved working with all the cast. They are extremely supportive, especially Kirti and Kishori both of whom play negative characters in the serial. We are very good friends and enjoy a lot on the set.

You share a great mother-daughter rapport with Mrinal on-screen. How is she as a co-actor?

Well, although Mrinal plays my mother on-screen, she’s more like an elder sister to me. She is a very quiet person by nature, but is an excellent co-star to work with.

Solhah Singaar when it started off, showed the relationship of a single parent and her kid, what are your views on widow remarriages, especially at such a young age?

I strongly believe that society should encourage widow remarriages; specially those women who are single parents or have lost their spouses at a young age.

How is the current track moving?

Shagun returns home after regaining her memory, but now she faces a new problem as she has to struggle to prove that she is chaste in spite of living with another man during her memory loss. There is also a twist in the husband-wife relationship, but I won’t reveal it right now. Later in the future, Sonia returns plotting her revenge on Shagun. So lots to look forward to!

If offered a choice between playing the role of a bahu or a more modern role, which one would you pick?

I would prefer doing a modern role as I would be a lot more comfortable, but again the decision truly depends on the role being offered.

Your co-stars Sachin Tyagi and Mrinal recently participated in Jjhoom . Who according to you was a better singer?

Frankly, I haven’t watched a single episode of the show as I’m not a very big fan of reality shows.

Sachin Tyagi has made it to the top three of Jjhoom India, do you think he has chance of winning? How do you rate him as an actor and a singer?

In the last year that I’ve worked with him, I’ve heard him sing a couple of times on the sets and I personally feel he is a very good singer. He does have a good chance of winning. He is definitely a good actor as well as a good singer, but I would have to say he is a better singer.

Do you have any new projects in the pipeline? What are the plans for future?

None at the moment, but I would love to change the genre that I am working in right now. I’d like to work in weekly soaps in the future and would also love to host a travel show. It has always been one of my dreams to host a travel show.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Melanie

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thx...she's really sweet, but her character, Shagun has a lot of crying to do!!!!!lol

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