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'I miss my hygiene products' - Aushima Sawhney

Aushima Sawhney the well known Bollywood actress talks about her experience being part of Imagine's Desi Girl..

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Aushima Sawhney who has done many movies like Dhoka, Superstar and many more is very excited about the concept of her new show Desi Girl on Imagine; at the same time she also expresses her emotions related to her family and luxuries back home…

This is your first show on television, why did you  opt for a reality show?
Yes, I have been associated with Bollywood till this time. And the idea behind taking up this show was firstly because the location was Punjab and it is very close to my heart. Through this show I get an opportunity to dig into my roots and I found the concept also to be quite different.

How's the experience as of now?
In the initial stages it was a bit hard but now things are getting on track and its moving more smoothly. I'm falling in love with the chilled out and slow paced lifestyle in the villages.

What was the most interesting aspect of the concept?
Firstly the entire concept is very different. If not for the show I would have never thought of living without luxuries. It's difficult once you are used to certain life patterns, but the moment you get used to the setup, it feels great.

You were born in Delhi and brought up in Bangkok, so how are you finding the village experience?
It's a pleasant experience but as I'm very close to my family I'm missing them a lot. At times I miss my phone too but as I said it's a different experience.

Any special adaptations you had to make to suit the village environment?
Sleeping on that hard bed and routine visits by rats is the most disastrous thing to survive with. The first time when I found a rat on my bed I just screamed and ran off, and when you wake up from that hard bed every morning, the body does give up.

Hows the experience with co-participants?
Nice, though I have maintained adequate distance from them. Because after observing them I have realized that most of them behave to be very fake and see each other as threat for elimination. So I know how to keep myself away.

The mantra of the show is to win the hearts of the villagers so whats has been your strategy?
I'm being myself. I think they love me that way. I don't mingle much with the co-participants and instead spend that time with the villagers.

Tell us about your most interesting task?
I think putting hands in the fresh cow shit was the most memorable event for me because I had to cut down the nails and believe me, the smell doesn't go off your hands. I miss all my hygiene products including manicure and pedicure.

Most difficult aspect about the show?
I feel communicating freely with someone is the most difficult aspect because I can't trust the people around me. I can't guess who's my friend and who's my foe so I miss my mother and sister a lot.

Any plans to get into television fictional shows?
As of now I'm busy with movies but I never say no to good work.

You are a style freak so what kind of what kind of style mantra are you following in the show?
I feel elegance is the key to real beauty. I sense its not necessary to reveal your body to look good. Just be comfortable and carry yourself well beauty will follow you.

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy

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greatsaleen 10 years ago i heard of her after she became a part of desi girl - had no clue who she was.
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parii2 10 years ago i saw her in a small role in Superstar....she has gained weight...
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vishal.vish 10 years ago i agree with everyone. we don't know her from Adams...2010-05-23 23:21:19
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-Nymphadora- 10 years ago well know...sorry..i havent even heard of her?
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Jennii 10 years ago Well known??
Dunno where they got that one from.....
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sidra1993 10 years ago ~well known actress!!! haha joke of the day!!!! =p who is she anyway? haha
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Shaina_b 10 years ago How is she a well known Bollywood actress??

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mihali7 10 years ago lol....i remeber she is the one in YUVRAAJ who likes anil and in the end they are together. she's pretty but not a well-known BOLLYWOOD actress... lmaoo
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416905 10 years ago "well known Bollywood actress" ... I've never heard of her:S ... who is she?
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Priya_SD 12 years ago Desi Girl, and Tuhi Meri Dost Hai ROCKkk
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