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I have been endowed this responsibility by Lord himself - Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant now plans to make a story on Jesus Christ and is in talks with NDTV Imagine.. Here is the lady in conversation...

Published: Monday,Sep 28, 2009 11:51 AM GMT-06:00
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Trust Rakhi Sawant to always shock you!! After attempting to get married on National Television, this item girl is now turning holy and plans to make a TV show on Jesus Christ.

Here is Rakhi in conversation as she speaks about her new production house, her new show and much more..
I have been endowed this responsibility by Lord himself - Rakhi Sawant
Are you making a show on Jesus Christ?
Yes I feel that I have been endowed with this special responsibility by the Lord himself to tell his story. The world needs to understand that evil is on the rise and good is on the wane. And we should increase our bank balance of good, as on the day of reckoning all our wealth will not count and only our deeds will matter.
It is said that you might play Mother Mary, but will it gel with your image?
I might cast somebody else in such a situation. I am proud of my item girl image and will continue to follow the same even after the show.  Also, I hope to find some good actor for essaying Lord Christ. My first bet would be Salman Khan but he is busy.
Have you approached any channel?
I am in talks with NDTV Imagine, they are my Maayka and I hope they will approve. Having said that I am not really bothered, as I believe that the Lord himself will make things happen. He will find an appropriate channel and caste. I am just a mere contractor who is doing the Lord's bidding.
Such shows often lead to controversy?
I will not attack any body. I will just attempt to portray the true message of Jesus which is love and compassion to all. And why single me out? Have not others made shows on mytho and religious figures?
You had claimed that Jesus has changed you, how?

I am now more balanced. I feel peace with myself. I do more social work and charity.
When will the show come on air?
I have just started talking to my production house. I have set up an office. My research team is in place. It will take time as I have to make sure there are no bloopers and for me this show is a subject of faith. It will take time but I am sure all will appreciate the final product.
Come clean about your equation with Elesh, is it off?
No comments.   
How was the experience of doing Pati Patni Aur Woh?
It was the toughest show I have ever done. I am annoyed with the concept as well. I had to cut my hair for this show. Taking care of the children was hell as they would just not stop crying. The 19 year old daughter I was given was completely western in attitude. She seems a carbon copy of Elesh, once or twice I even wanted to clip her. I better not say much. Rather you watch the show and you will understand everything including the problems between Elesh and me as well.
Will you continue to do reality shows?
Yes. But I am now tired of couple concepts, I will prefer single stuff.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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zara2801 @zara2801 14 years ago @ aadaa: a true muslim never talks bad of other religion.. by the way you speak, i get the impression that you don't have much respect for christianity, which by the way is a fundamental part of being muslim!
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anonymous12 @anonymous12 14 years ago Mind ur language aada.
Be it christians,hindus or muslims all will protest if the religious sentiments are hurt.
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NORATAN BAFNA @noratanbafna 14 years ago rakhi mai tumase dosati karna chahata hoo.
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Kiah @kashforlifex 14 years ago such a freaking drama queen!! arrgh! does she not understand?! PEOPLE DON'T LIKE HER!
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bewafa @bewafa 14 years ago ahahahaha

"Lord has given me the chance to make more moolah by making a show based on him"

That is what she should have said.

Pssht. Sick of her and her attention grabbing ways.
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rbb88 @rbb88 14 years ago ummm....so she is not with elesh anymore.
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larina @larimel22 14 years ago to hell with rakhi...wth!! i swear ill curse this female 4evr!!
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Sush @Ashu-n-Sush 14 years ago pls christian wake up.. we do not want this item gal to make a life on jesus christ... its done before it isnt necessary..........n that too by a drama queen.......and she playing mother mary.............nooooooo.... guys pls wake up
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ohreally @ohreally 14 years ago I likee herr. =))

She was suuper cool in "YHJ"
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ninjudavid @ninjudavid 14 years ago i am quite sad.......was all the dramas in the world was not enough, that people have started making show about Christ. she wants to cast salman as Christ.... i neither hate rakhi nor salman....but please leave Christ.God can help himself.
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