I have asked a remote control car from my parents for Children' Day! - Sadhil Kapoor

Sadhil Kapoor, currently seen in Disney Channel's Captain Tiao speaks with TellyBuzz in this candid chat about his Children's Day plans, fond memories and much more.

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It is the kids day today as children all over spend their day in all excitement and joy. As promised by TellyBuzz, we are back again with another special child artist who have managed and succeeded in all way to make a name for himself. Rose to fame by Lord Ganesha in Life OK's Devon Ke Dev. Mahadev and currently seen in Disney Channel's Captian Tiao, Sadhil Kapoor.

In this candid chat with Sadhil, he speaks about his Children's Day plans, fond memories and much more. Read on and Have Fun!

Talking about his excitement for Children's Day, he speaks, "I am extremely excited for Children's Day. Not just that, I have already asked what I want on this Children's Day from my parents. I have asked for a remote control car from them."

When asked about managing shoot and studies he says, "For me, it is very easy to manage both as I have to shoot for Captain Tiao just five-six days a month."

Any memorable thing which was very close to Sadhil's heart in his school? He avers, "One thing that happened recently with me is that my school principal came up to me and told me that I am a fan of yours. She further went on to say that if you are shooting with Salman Khan any day, ask him to shoot in our school. That compliment from Principal ma'am is very precious to me."

Does Sadhil miss out on childhood fun whilst busy shooting? "Not really. If I have early morning 6:00 am or 7:00 am call time, I get free from my shoot very soon, say by afternoon. Later in the day, I get time for myself."

So what are Sadhil's plans for today? "I have made up a lot many plans for myself today. I will be meeting all my friends today and will be spending one entire day with them. It is just going to be awesome."

TellyBuzz wishes Sadhil Kapoor a Happy Children's Day!

Upasana Patel

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serendipitous 6 years ago Since when did children's day become like a birthday??kids need to be taught the sense of giving on this day not taking!
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Mohini19 9 years ago Is this really a story worth reporting? Seriously, media needs to do their job right. Plus, media folks really need a life. The falling standards of media...
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