'I am nervous but at the same time very excited' - Aditya Singh Rajput

Aditya Singh Rajput talks of his upcoming movie Krantiveer - The Revolution...

Aditya Singh Rajput will be seen as Goldy in Mehul Kumar directed sequel 'Krantiveer-The Revolution' on 25th June 2010 along with 3 other young artistes namely Jahan Bloch, Samir Aftab & Harsh Rajput and seniors like Ranjeet, Farida Jalal, Govind Namdeo, Mukesh Tiwari etc. It is produced under the banner of White City Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Earlier, Aditya was seen in films like Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara and in a cameo in U, Me Aur Hum. He has done more than 100 commercials for products like BSNL, LG Mobile, Nokia, Close Up, Amul, Ariel, Dettol, Cadbury, Yamaha etc.

Krantiveer -- The Revolution is on the brink of release…
Yes, I am nervous but at the same time very excited. What made Mehul Kumar choose me for his this ambitious venture? Well, he chooses his actors according to his script and, believe me, I was selected in the first meeting itself. That too without any screen test. He was hunting for the lead cast since some months and I just happened to meet him two days before the mahurat of the film. I had Maine Gandhi Ko Nahian Maara, U Me Aur Hum and several ad DVDs and gave it to him. The next thing I know is that I was in the film as second lead.

Surely the original Krantiveer must have instantly hit your mind…
Without doubt! The original Krantiveer flashed across instantly. I felt privileged being a part of such a strong script as well as the brand. I am proud to be a part of the film. The story is simply inspiring for the youth of today.

But have you seen the original?
Yes. I was a teen then. I had watched it with my parents and I remember the first half making a lasting impression on me. But Krantiveer – The Revolution is about the youth and our country. The story has made an impact on me even personally. It has brought a certain degree of awareness in me as an Indian.

Your role...
Well, I am playing the role of Goldy, a super rich guy, but not a brat at all.  He is very level headed and a sweet guy who falls for the leading lady, Jahan Baloch. But something happens and my character turns grey. What happens? For that you have to watch the film.

Sounds interesting…  So you are playing a negative character?
All I can say is Goldy is not all that negative... he is a positive person with a strong character.

The grey character made its way on the sets too. Heard that there were undercurrent of rivalry between you and Samir Aftab especially because the plot also involved a love triangle…
Not at all (laughs)!  There was nothing like that. In fact we had so much of fun on sets. Harsh and I played pranks on Samir. As far as our roles go, our characters are as different as chalk and cheese so there's no question of undercutting and rivalry. Also, Samir and I have only two scenes together.

And was it working with Jahan?
Amazing!  She is super confident. We have some very strong scenes in the film that have come out very well. All I can say is, she an actor to watch out for!

Were you apprehensive that your role would be chopped to favour others?
I have seen the film and everyone has their own importance. One character cannot move without another. Every character has gelled so well and the chemistry we share looks fabulous on screen.

Heard that Mehul Kumar was a tough director?
Not true!  He is one the coolest director I have worked with. He lets you interpret your character just the way it comes to you naturally. He just lets you be and that comfort level comes across on screen. I had a great time shooting with him and am lucky to work with another national award winner after Jahnu Barua, Ajay Devgn and Ashwini Chaudhry in my previous films.

Any incident you cannot forget…
Yes. The day I got angry. I was taking a nap when suddenly I get a cake thrown and water splashed on my face. I just lost my cool but eventually we just laughed it off. In fact it actually helped the song as it fitted the song's concept to the T.

Though you have done ads and films do you feel that you are still to make a mark in a big way?
See, as an actor I am always learning and am hungry for path-breaking and unconventional roles.  Acting is like an ocean. One keeps learning and exploring the art and feels that my best is yet to come.

Mehul Kumar's Krantiveer- The Revolution, takes four youths Jahan Bloch on a mission to rid the present society of the evils, creates a revolution for cleaning the system.

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