I am happy to do Television as of now: Aksshat Gupta

TellyBuzz in talks with actor Aksshat Gupta who finds his role of Abhimanyu challenging to portray on screen.

Aksshat GuptaThe talented actor Aksshat Gupta who is currently playing the role of Abhimanyu in Zee TV's shows Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se finds his role very challenging. Thus elaborating about his character, Aksshat says, "Abhimanyu is an adopted son and my father and Shivani's father are business partners. He is sent to London after the death of his parents and he returns after years to hear some good news as his wedding has been fixed with Shivani (Mansi Shrivastav). This is a very challenging role to play. He has nothing of his own but still he has to accept all things and has to take care of the family business."

Aksshat has portrayed variety of roles in different shows like Tumhari Disha, Mamta, Meri Doli Tere Angana, Sangam, Grihasti, Palampur Express, Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Desh. When we asked Aksshat whether the new trend of television to move towards the contemporary side is capturing the masses today? Says Aksshat, "Currently shows like Balika Vadhu are a trend. Such shows have a topic talking about a social issue but is modern in some ways as well. But in today's time the trend keeps changing as people want to see the contemporary side too. It depends as per the interest of the people as to what they want to watch. In metros, people don't have time to watch shows."  

So, is Aksshat considering taking up Bollywood projects? He said, "I have still not thought of that as I am happy to do Television as of now. I keep getting calls but still I am looking for the right opportunity and good roles. I am ready to take up Bollywood projects if something really good comes up."

Well Aksshat, we wish you all the very best!!  


Anwesha Kamal

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he was not good in doing a posotive characher now the negative really suits him.. good going

10 years ago

Arhaan Behll rocks!!!!!!!!!
all the best to him...

10 years ago

DDBEDS rocks.ARHAAN rocks. thanks for article .. please keep them coming

10 years ago

DDBEDS rocks.. thanks for article .. please keep them coming

10 years ago

love the show...Arhaan Rocks as Rahgu...:)

10 years ago

DDBEDS is a great show.all the best to the team.arhaan behl rocks

10 years ago

Do dil is a gr8 show ..loving its simplicity,ARHAAN BEHLL rocks as RAGHU..

10 years ago

Arhaan behll rocks !!!

10 years ago

All the best to DDBEDS team...thanks TB for the article...hope u give some more interview of the starcast of DEBEDS...Arhaan Rocks as Rahgu with his fab acting...

10 years ago

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