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Regarding RuSim VideoMixs - plzz read

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NazNgs 1 2369 14 years ago ISano
IMP: Calling all MDTA fans.

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Tomiko 10 3666 14 years ago ISano
GOOD BYE all - plz read

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ISano 2 2281 14 years ago ISano
Last RuSim VidMix before archive

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NazNgs 3 2412 14 years ago NazNgs
Priyamvada's TV commercial!!!

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rumi2004 14 4308 14 years ago rumi2004
Regarding Nausheenfan's fan

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Tomiko 1 1775 14 years ago NazNgs
aahhhh Priyamvada is back in new Serial

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NazNgs 6 2696 14 years ago NazNgs
Priyamvada in New Serial - the article

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NazNgs 1 2853 14 years ago rumi2004
Priyamvada's Birthday Videomix Preview

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ISano 1 2038 14 years ago NazNgs
Priyamvada replied my email

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NazNgs 4 3041 14 years ago NazNgs


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Priyamvada Sawant
Priyamvada Sawant

as: Simran

Simran got married to Ruhaan. She got to know that Ruhaan love Suhana. Ruhaan expects Simran to tell everyone and refuse going with him to his home but Simran doesn't as she doesn't want to make his ...

Gaurav Khanna
Gaurav Khanna

as: Ruhaan

Ruhaan loves Suhana but gets married to Simran becuase of his parents. He finds out that his love Suhana is alive on his wedding day after all the rituals have taken place and tells Simran he can't ...

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